20 Best DNS Server For ps4/ ps5 Gaming

fast ps4 dns server

We have A list of The Fastest ps4 DNS server for the ps4 and ps5 for the faster and smooth and free Glitch Gameplay. I am also a Game lover and I love to play the Smooth and Free Glitch Game Play.

While playing the Games not only the skill is Required on the online Games you need to have a good devices , internet connection also.

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If you have Finished Studying the Above Article then now i am going to provide you the fastest ps4/ ps5 DNS Server list for 2021

Best free ps4/ ps5 DNS server 2021

These Best Free DNS server list for Faster Internet and Safe Browsing with the Free DNS Service.

What is DNS ?

DNS is a (Domain Name System) That Translates the Domain name you type on the url Bar into the Required IP Address that is required to access the site.

More the Faster DNS translates faster and smooth data is received on your browsing devices.

For Example.

If you type Facebook.com then DNS resolves and ask for the data to the ip address of the facebook for the data and after reciving the data from the required hosted server you get the acesss to the website.

Your ISP provides the Default DNS server these DNS are always not the best and you may face the slow internet connection so try to switching to the Free and public DNS server for smooth gameplay on the ps4 and the ps5.

List of 15 Fastest DNS Servers for PS4

ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Cloudflare DNS1.
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1
OpenDNS Home208.67.220.220208.67.222.222
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
Comodo Secure DNS8.
Fastest ps4/ps5 dns server list 2021

Here is a ping results of the Different public available DNS server list

You can find the ping results below.

Ping (Best to worst)
The IP of DNS serverAverage ping (ms)Minimum ping (ms)Maximum ping (ms) (level3) (NTT) (level3) (level3) (level3) (Quad9) (level3) (level3) (Sprintlink) (NTT) (Sprintlink) (Comodo) (Quad9)11.110.811.4 (Google)11.611.412.0 (Google)11.611.412.4 (OpenDNS)11.711.412.0 (OpenDNS)11.711.412.7 (Comodo)12.412.112.8 (Verisign)12.911.917.6 (Cloudflare)14.914.515.4 (Cloudflare)15.415.016.2 (Verisign)17.315.822.2
Ping of Different Public DNS Server 2021

List and Details of Free and Paid DNS Server 2021

Open DNS : https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/

Open DNS is the Most popular Public DNS provider this company was founded in 2005. Open DNS Primary and Secondary DNS here

Primary DNS servers:

Secondary DNS Server

Why to use Open DNS Server

If You are using the Open DNS server then you will get plenty of benefits you will be also safe from social media phishing attacks. You will experience smooth gameplay performances if you want to block some websites on your network then you can do that also from the parental control settings also not only that you can check the browsing history also.

How to Configure DNS server on ps4

Change your Ps4 /ps5 DNS server settings 2021

If you have chosen the DNS which to use and selected and Changed the DNS Server with the Help you above article then congrats if you are still confused about which DNS Server to use then we are going to discuss all the Public DNS servers for the ps4/ps5.

Google Public DNS

visit google dns site

The Primary and Secondary server of Google DNS are :-

Primary DNS Server :

Secondary DNS Server:

Why to use Google DNS ?

For a Safe and Speed up the browsing experience.
Improve Internet Security.
Get the Result you except with absolute no re-direction.

Cloud Fare DNS

Cloudfare is an popular website for its numerous services. Cloud Fare is well known for its CDN services (Content Delivery Network)

What are the Cloud Fare DNS servers?

What is cloud fare primary DNS server for ps4/ps5 ?

Primary DNS server for Ps4/ps5 is

What is cloud fare Secondary DNS server for ps4/ps5?

Secondary DNS Server for ps4/ps5 is

Is cloudfare DNS is faster for Gameplay ?

Yes cloud fare DNS is Very much Faster for the Ps4/ ps5 gameplay and smooth internet connection.

Is it Safe to use Cloudfare as DNS Server ?

Cloud fare deletes all data and ip logs on the 24hr and has no history recored what you have surfed so this is also safe to use as the DNS on your Network.

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