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afterglow ps4 a9 headset

Since ages have the wireless gaming headsets been way more overpriced than they probably should be. Take the Astro A50 and SteelSeries H. Sure, both the headsets did have good audio quality and solid build quality, but they also each had a huge price tag. But this is not the case with Afterglow AG 9 as you will see from this Afterglow AG 9 review that the Afterglow AG 9 Specs are quite good seeing how much low it is priced at.

after glow AG 9 ps4 headset

The Afterglow AG9 is a low-end headset at an affordable price. The low end of the headset market has now expanded, with newer wireless headsets from various companies in the last year for a budget price of around hundred dollars. One of those headsets is the Performance Designed Products’ new version of its Afterglow headset line up; the AG 9, which is currently available on Amazon for well under a hundred bucks.

Afterglow AG 9 review

Setup Experience

The AG 9’s installation is pretty easy. It ships with a simple USB dongle transmitter which is similar to Corsair’s latest wireless headsets, that you plug in. That’s it. If you see a blue light, it implies that a connection is made. All controls are built into the headset: a mode select button, a volume wheel, and a combination mute/unmute/power button. The volume wheel isn’t great, the small form factor makes it hard to locate with the headset on, but at least it exists.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Setup Experience. Pretty Easy to Install with all controls build in the headset.


The comfort of the headset also has a mixed outlook. It may be a bit uncomfortable for people with large ears and for people who wear glasses.  The cushion which is present at the top is incredibly comfortable on the other hand, which makes up for the extra weight when compared to the LVL-series from PDP.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Comfort. Mixed comfort with cusion but little weighty.

Audio performance

Cheaper wireless headsets have to cut prices and make compromises. Some headsets cut on the audio quality, some give you a pretty bad microphone while others have not so reliable build quality. The Afterglow AG 9 makes the compromise on the build quality.

The design is actually very good to be honest, though that’s certainly going to be a separate thing. As the name suggests with the “Afterglow” branding, the AG 9 lights up beautifully in the night. It is aesthetically pleasing. Not really certain where we are to hit the ceiling with the number of LED lights on headsets, but the AG 9 really does its best to set that bar. It gives the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism a tough competition with its undeniably great price point.

The LEDs also come joined under clear plastic, featuring exposed circuitry on one side and faux-electronics on the other. This design is a bit more overwhelming, it kind of mimics the purple N64 Controller and just screams gaming which can seem a bit dauntingly corny.

We all know that Aesthetics are subjective, it may seem ugly to some. The thing less perceptive is the comfort factor and the AG 9 simply doesn’t feel as comfortable or durable as similarly priced wired headsets like the HyperX Cloud. The ear cups are covered in cheap-feeling leather. The headband is made up of mesh. The headset tends to pinch a bit inward on the jaw. It loosens up with time but the ear cups are heavy so there is comparatively more tension in the band than some other brand’s headset that we’ve tried. However, it is a wireless headset for around hundred dollars, so we cannot complain more. The manufacturers do have to make some sort of profit.

There also isn’t that much of a Great bit so, this isn’t in anyway an award-winning headset don’t think the AG 9 will win any awards, but its audio is good enough for those who’re in need to be free and have a limited budget. And that is very important to some people, what with the arrival of virtual reality and a greater need for wireless peripherals.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Audio Performance

Two Modes of audio listening with multiple chossing options.

The AG 9  has two modes of listening; ‘Pure Audio’ and ‘Bass Boost.’ The Pure Audio setting doesn’t give you a very flat sound that you’d have gotten from an extravagant pair of studio quality headphones, and the bass boost sounds a bit muted. It, however, is noticeably less bassy than any other gaming headset on the market.  The bass sounds even less than Polk’s already-understated Striker Pro P1.

Some people need that kick in the teeth kind of bass, especially gamers need this type of sound for an immersive experience. If that is what you’re looking for, you can easily make the switch to the AG 9’s Bass Boost mode in an instance. It may not be super pleasing, though it does sound artificial and churns out distorted bass even at low volumes. The rattling of the drivers may sound less distracting while playing video games, where the bass is typically seen with big explosions, but in music, the sound is pretty good.

In short, stick to Pure Audio, unless you ’re a bass masochist or playing games where the distortion won’t be distracting. Adjusting the Equalizer with the help of a 3rd party software is very doable. The audio issues are fewer with this approach than using the Bass Boost mode.


As far as the microphone is concerned, the Afterglow AG 9 takes the recent trends with an inclusion of a detachable boom mic. It’s a mid-end microphone. The Volume intake of the mic is a bit on the quieter side and there’s a telephonic vibe to the sound, but the mic really gets the job done. The amount of sidetone on the mic is generous. You are able to hear yourself in the headset. This can be taken as a feature although it kind of depends on the preference. The downside to the microphone is that there’s no chat mixer on the headset, so if you don’t like the sidetone, you’re out of luck.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Microphone

Average microphone, flexible with a removable microphone.

The microphone voice actually sounds like you’re talking on a speakerphone. It doesn’t sound bad but it is in no way natural. On many occasions, the volume kind if felt like an issue with the microphone not in taking much sound loud talking had to be done to get the message across which makes it harder if you have someone around and you don’t want to disturb them.  The volume issue is definitely something that needs to be addressed. The microphone can be removed, which is a good thing if you don’t really play with other people, but for people who’re constantly in a LAN party removing a microphone makes no sense. The mic is also very flexible and it goes around its hinges pretty well. it can feel breakable if you apply more force but it doesn’t break that fast. It does bend a lot though.


afterglow ps4 a9 headset

In spite of having a cloth-covered memory foam ear cups and headband which sound comfortable, the Afterglow AG 9 is not so comfy. The problem begins with the ear cups, they don’t rotate or swivel in the slightest. It’s not unwearable, but it’s definitely not particularly comfortable.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Design

Smart, with not rotatable ear cups with mixed problems in comfortance.

The AG9+ also has a reasonably well-designed smart ear-cup controls. The power/mic mute button is present as a large button on the outside of the left ear cup, and a small pair of twin wheels on the underside of the left ear cup adjust Chat and Game Volume. Though, they are nearly impossible to differentiate. The Game volume chat has a slight ridge that the Chat volume roller lacks, but it’s too fine to tell by touch which is which.The detachable microphone is rigid but it does bend with some effort. Based on our testings, placing the microphone very close to the mouth will result in the best outcome.

Wireless Connectivity

According to the product guide, the Range for the wireless receiver is kept at up to 40 feet. However, this range isn’t completely true because walls and appliances can reduce the range drastically. Warning beeps are common when you try to connect the headset from unusual locations. On a room ten feet away from the console, the headset could start beeping the warnings just because some exterior wall blocks the signal. In comparison, range feels about the same as my standard wireless controller.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Wireless Connectivity

40ft of wireless connectivity but wired is also a great option.

Even though the Afterglow AG 9 advertised range is  40 feet. Like most wireless devices, that’s only a theoretical maximum and it does not guarantee of anything Especially if you live in an area or an apartment with plenty of solid walls that creates a heavy spectrum of interference. The maximum range that can be received is 25 to 30 feet, with very displeasing stability which is in comparison, slightly worse than with the Astro A50. That’s still plenty of range for usual content consumption as the TV is really not that far from the couch. It can also depend on the apartment, some apartments are basically not well constructed for wireless devices.  But the options are not limited, you can always go wired with charging the headset at the same time you’re using it or, you can just plug in the 3.55 mm jack which comes shipped with the headset.

Battery performance

The Afterglow AG 9 battery life does it’s work very well. The manufacturer claims a battery life of 16 hours. In real life usage, we got about 12 out of those 16 hours. This is still good news as the battery life is on par with the top-end competitors. For comparison, the battery life is typically 5 to 6 hours with the A50,  we can get 8 to 10 hours with the  Logitech’s G933, and 12 or more hours with the use of Razer Man O’ War and Corsair Void Wireless. So, 12 hours is a very good bargain. This headset can go all day without tiring. There is a catch though, you just might not find it wearable for that time as the comfort factor is a big tradeoff here.

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Battery Performance

Good battery life comparing to other products.

Afterglow AG 9 Specs

Licensed officially by Microsoft for the Xbox One
Afterglow AG 9 Specs includes a Wireless chat Consists a Flexible and removable boom microphone with noise and echoes canceling technology
Has Voice preview feature
Cloth memory foam covered headband and ear cups
50 mm drivers with two distinct audio modes: Pure Audio and Bass Boost

Afterglow AG 9 Review Based On Specifications


Headphones Form Factor: CircumauralConnectivity Technology: WirelessSound Output Mode: stereoDiaphragm: 2 in


Colour Category: black


Brand: AfterglowProduct Line: AfterglowModel: AG9Packaged Quantity: 1


Manufacturer: Performance Designed Products, LLC

Box Content

Removable Noise-Canceling Microphone
Wireless Transmitter (USB)
6-foot Charging Cable
3.5 mm Audio Cable
User Manual
The headphone itself

Afterglow AG 9 Price

  1. Is this a wireless headset?
    Yes, Afterglow AG 9 is a wireless headset.
  2. Does it run on PC?
  3. Does it run on Xbox and PS4?
    Yes Afterglow AG 9 was specially designed for gamers.

Final Verdict

The absence of a microphone volume control on the headset has really hindered this product. Yes, it does have a 3.55 mm headphone jack, but a lot of the functionality is disabled when you use the headphones plugged into the 3.5mm cable. The microphone is probably the biggest downside to this headset.

It is true that this is a good gaming headset, but it’s only good if that’s what you are going to be using it for, good quality, it’s just too mediocre, to say the least. The headphones’ build quality is another factor that needs attention, design wise it’s nice but it seems too fragile. Sound quality is excellent and impressive. But some other aspect of the headset is really disappointing. In addition to that, if you are someone who needs usable quality top notch audio out of a microphone, then this headset is sadly not for you. We would actually recommend the slightly lower quality headset if you can trade a good microphone with the sound quality.

As you might know already now, The Afterglow AG-9 does have a few minor issues, but even if the mic isn’t the best on the market, the stereo sound quality is still fantastic. It may not be the best sounding headset in the universe but for the price point, it’s fairly justified. There are also no DC batteries here so there is no need of changing batteries, you can just charge it once and roll with it for 12 hours non stop.

After seeing Afterglow AG 9 review we can say that it a great sounding wireless headset with a unique aesthetic and a pretty ‘meh’ microphone. It’s also made of flimsy-feeling plastic with the really disappointing build quality. It really is a bit uncomfortable. And some people might find the “unique aesthetic” a little too overwhelming and mix that with the Afterglow AG 9 specs. But these compromises get the price down, so if you’re in the market for a good headset and you’ve got around a hundred dollars to spare then you can make this purchase without any hesitation.

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