BEST PS4 EMULATORS For PC, Android, IOS, and Mac

best ps4 emulator

BEST PS4 EMULATORS For PC, Android, IOS, and Mac

Play Station 4 is one of those consoles that has played a huge role in revolutionizing gaming and bringing a sense of realism and depth that is simply stunning. It is not surprising that as a result many people fell in love with the console and wanted to have a ps4 always with them. Playing the ps4 games at a pc with absolutely no cost is more than what fans wanted and it allowed them to have a cross-platform experience of their favorite games of their favorite console with the help of Ps4 Emulator.  So, for that today we are going to give you some of the BEST PS4 EMULATORS For PC, Android, IOS, and Mac For 2020:

Alert Some of The Emulator Listed Below Are In Working Development Beta Stage Or Don’t Work Currently. We are updating The List To Add more Emulators And Replace The Non-Working Ones.



PCSX4 best ps4 emulator for PC
PCSX4 best ps4 emulator for PC

In the recent upsurge for demand regarding Best PS4 emulator for PC, many developers were put on the race to create the best most sophisticated Ps4 Emulators that provide the smoothest experience possible in the most reliable fashion. It seems that developing programs that emulated a PS4 console experience to PC or any other platform seems to have been quite a challenge for developers.

First and foremost to undertake such a challenge as to transmit the live occurrence of a play station 4 into any other device automatically is a challenge in itself which requires thorough expertise and dedicated work with the servers and internet providing to ensure stable connections and provide smooth experiences that are equally enjoyable from your PC as from the comfort of your couch.

PCSX4 one of the best Ps4 emulators is one of the most serious efforts put by developers to meet up the demand for a more vermicular method of accessing their PS4. Currently, PCSX4 is compatible with only certain types of high-end computer systems and it doesn’t support other low-end systems, especially the ability to work on only 64-bit computers from Windows 7 to 10 and Mac OS 10.13.6 and higher versions. Further than that, the computer should have a minimum of the 4-core processor as well as SSE-4.2 GPU and AXV in order to allow for the optimal performance of the PS4.

More also, for optimal performance, the PCSX4 emulator is designed in such a way as to allow the game cache image(GCCSX4’s design ensures that the game-cache image (GCI) is adequately encrypted with the 256-bit protocol. It is also directly linked to your PCSX4 account. The crucial feature behind this policy is to prevent leaks that are aimed at preventing pirated PS4 games.

PCSX4 is also able to run at a frame per second rate of 60fps, provided you are running a high-end computer that is equipped with an advanced GPU system, preferably AMD Radeon 780 (and above) or GTX 60 (or higher). Thanks to a high-end computer, the player can enjoy a near-perfect graphical imitation of the favorite PS4 games on the comfort of your own PC. The Setup process of the PCSX4 on a computer is fairly easy: All that is needed is to download the program from the source website, extract the executable (.exe) file and run it as an admin so that the installation of the program can occur.

Furthermore, as part of the installation package, it will be required to extract the PlayStation device identifier file (pdix) which is linked to your account. This way, after the set up is complete you can enjoy some of your favorite PS4 games in the comfort of your PC with near-perfect graphic detail reverberation. So PCSX4 has to be one of our top pick for the best emulator for ps4.

PS4 Emus

PS4 Emus best ps4 emulator for Mac
PS4 Emus best ps4 emulator for Mac

PS4Emus is one of the Top PS4 emulators for PC out there. It is a system that has been received positively in an environment that is otherwise filled with controversies, which put in question the very idea of the PS4 game being able to be emulated on a  PC or not. The emulator since its official launch back in 2013 it has undergone tweaking, modifications, upgrades down to the latest update which one can find today, with the most optimized package available.

Another great feature of the PS4 Emus emulator is its cross-platform support for both desktop and mobile devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. This creates the bridge for greater flexibility of the emulator, both in terms of its usage by the player as well as in terms of quality of transmitting the PS4 games in a seemingly smooth cross-platform experience to your PC or Android device.

What really tips the scale in favor of PS4 Emus is the fact that this emulator offers a fair set of commendable frames per second (fps) with graphics and soundtrack details which are just slightly a bit different from their original source in Play Station device. Such flexibility, on the other hand, implies by it’s natural that there be some lag encounters there and there while playing PS4 games on PC, but they are likely not to persist since the constant tweaking has improved significantly the quality of the emulator since it’s original launch back in 2013.

PS4 Emus is able to host its very own online server with plenty of Play Station 4 games to choose from where u can easily download them and play them online. This, however, will require usually a strong WIFI connection. The good thing is that the emulator comes with a build-in BIOS which means you don’t need to waste your time in data sourcing for BIOS on the internet.

The graphics, sound system and the overall layout of PS4Emus-emulated games are uniform across the board, usually, the display quality on PC (desktop) tends to be better off than what is on mobile devices.


ClassicBoy best ps4 emulator for ios
ClassicBoy best ps4 emulator for ios

The second on our top 5 best emulators for android is of course Classic Boy. As an all in one emulator ClassicBoy has much to offer to its users, from a large variety of consoles available to be used on such as PS4; Nintendo 64, SEGA. Among other things, it also offers colorful features that are worth mentioning and that can make your gaming experience with this emulator for PS4 much smoother and enjoyable.

Among other things, Classic Boy offers excellent controller support, with a customizable touch screen panel control giving the player some freedom to adjust its android device for the best experience possible which make it one of the Top ps4 emulator for android.

Also, the emulator provides a fairly good audio setting and a comprehensive functioning load and save states. As an all in one emulator ClassicBoy is truly worth the try however if you are looking for more PS4 oriented emulators then they are some more customization and configuration features best suited to the console. ClassicBoy emulator is not free to download in PlayStore but defiantly won’t break your wallet either!


ePSXe best ps4 emulator for android
ePSXe best ps4 emulator for android

Third, in our list is ePSXe which can be arguably considered one of the best PlayStation dedicated emulators out there.  Not only it has an easier interface making it more practical to use and less complicated but it also offers high stability during its in-game performance.  It supports a large variety of features among them is the split-screen mode which is crazy right? With a large variety of customizable controls support, Open GL enhanced graphics which are just another feel compared to other emulators out there and of course a very accurate and reliable load and save mechanism.  ePSXe also offers other extra features and plugins according to your preference.  The emulator, however, doesn’t come free for download and it has UI that looks rather ancient. However, the mechanics of the emulators are such that it deserves an honorable mention in the top 5 best emulators for Play Station.


FPse best ps4 emulator for mobile
FPse best ps4 emulator for mobile

FPse is one of the biggest and best PlayStation emulators on Android out there. With highly customizable features, a complex hardware controller support mechanism, customizable controls and a high compatibility that makes this android stand out from the rest of their competitors who simply don’t offer the stability of FPse Furthermore among the basic features upper mentioned, this emulators has a number of other additional features that are just as enriching and easy to use. They defiantly help at making the gameplay experience seems right and worth enjoying at your android device. It offers, for example, the option to choose customizable graphics for better gameplay depending on the stats of your android device. However this emulators, like others out there is not free and it might take considerably more time to learn how to properly use since it offers these immense optional opportunities to the user.


RetroArch best ps4 emulator for 2020
RetroArch best ps4 emulator for 2020

RetroArch for us is the handpicked choice as THE best Playstation emulator out there. Not only it supports a multi-platform approach that is very reliable but it also offers all the high end features an emulator has to offer.  This emulator for PS4 works by downloading each system individually as a plug-in, adding another layer of complexity most emulators simply can’t provide.  This emulator was designed to provide the most needed features a user looks for in an emulator and when someone really manages to learn all the additional features it provides, and then there won’t really be a need to look for other emulators. It has everything there!  To add on top of that the system is entirely free and it works reasonably well on play station with added stability and performance.

Common Question and Answer On Best Ps4 Emulator

  1. Is there any emulator for ps4?

    Yes, there are currently many emulators in the market that can be classified as Top emulators for ps4.

    The PS4 and the Xbox One use the X86–64 architecture, yes, but they are full of custom chips and complex software that will require an even more powerful PC to run correctly. So the answer is no, there is Yes PS4 emulator available. Some are in beta stage while some are officially released versions.

  2. What is a ps4 emulator?

    Ps4 emulators are software that can run in other devices rather than Ps4 and let’s user play games on those devices. They help you to create Ps4 like environment in other devices like Pc, Mac, Ios, etc.

  3. Can you play ps4 games on PC without a ps4?

    Yes, with the help of Ps4 emulators now you can easily play PlayStation games without a Ps4. You can find many programs and Softwares that can emulate the Ps4 in different devices.

  4. Is the ps4 emulator real?

    Most of the Ps4 emulators are fake or are in the beta stage of testing. But there are some of them that do actually work in certain states. So, we cannot completely say that all Ps4 emulators are fake. But they are in the development stage and will become better with time.

  5. Are there any Ps4 Emulator Apk?

    Currently, there is little to no usable ps4 emulator Apk in the market. But don’t worry if there will be one we will keep you updated for you. Many android developers are trying their best to create one for the Ps4.

  6. Can you download a ps2 emulator on ps4?

    Sadly, No you cannot download any ps2 emulators in the Ps4. Sure you can download ps2 emulators in other devices but not in the Ps4. You can still use the ps2 emulator in pc, mobile, ios and mac.

These were our favorite picks for the best emulator for PS4; let us know in the comment section about your favorite Best PS4 emulators. Till next time, stay tuned and happy Gaming!

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