Error code E2-0000000000 Fixed (Updated)

If You are installing the New Game onto your ps5 from Disc and then your ps5 started showing the notification with the Error Code E2-0000000000 oh God it’s Very frustrating.

Don’t worry we are here to provide you the best solutions tricks and all the possible solutions from our own and different sources to solve the Error code E2-0000000000.

How Reddit users solve this errorcode ?

You can check it out the Thread on reddit on this thread different people has shared how they solve the error code for certain games.

error code ps5 solution

How to fix this Error code

If you are installing the Gaming buying online then i suggest you to reboot your ps5 then check your internet connection. Check if your internet connection speed is slow.

Change the DNS of the ps5 if you have a slow internet connection if you want the list of the fastest DNS server you can read it here

Update the ps5 latest system firmware

Sometime due to the Bug and crash corrupted file this error also shows so i suggest you to fix the error code  E2-0000000000 updating the system software to the latest one.

check here if your ps5 has a latest system update

Delete and Re-install the Game to fix the ps5 error code  E2-0000000000

If you are installing the Game and going for the latest update and you are getting this error code  E2-0000000000then the best solution is to delete and reinstall the game.

If you are installing from the Disc then please clean and then insert the disc and install the game

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