“Get Your Chainsaw Ready: Resident Evil 4 Demo Now Available on PS4 & PS5!”

The highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo is finally here, and fans can finally get a glimpse of the game’s opening moments before its official release on March 24. In the demo, players take on the role of the iconic protagonist Leon S. Kennedy as he navigates a secluded village that should be familiar to fans of the original game.

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What’s new in this remake are the modern gameplay and combat abilities that give a fresh and exciting feeling to the gameplay. Players can now parry incoming attacks or quickly switch weapons, making for more fluid and dynamic combat sequences. Plus, the PS5 version of the game takes immersion to a whole new level with DualSense controller support that includes haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo can be played an unlimited number of times, giving fans the chance to explore and replay the game’s opening scenes to their heart’s content. For those who enjoy the demo, pre-orders are now available for both the standard and deluxe editions of the game. Pre-orders on the PlayStation Store even come with a mini soundtrack as a bonus.

But that’s not all the exciting news from Capcom. During the recent Capcom Spotlight, the company revealed details about the upcoming online team-based action game, Exoprimal. Set to launch on PS5 and PS4 on July 14, Exoprimal puts players in the role of an Exofighter working for the Aibius Corporation, battling hordes of history’s most ferocious beasts – dinosaurs.

The game features ten different Exosuits for players to choose from and work together with their squad to unravel the time-bending mystery behind Bikitoa Island. As players progress through the game, they can earn rewards through the Survival Pass, which has both free and premium tiers. Season 1 of the premium tier offers additional cosmetic items such as Exosuit skins, weapon skins, and emotes.

For those eager to get a head start on the dinosaur-slaying action, the Exoprimal Open Beta Test is scheduled for March 16 to March 19 (PDT). The test will include 10 playable Exosuits and cross-platform matchmaking, giving players a taste of what’s to come when the full game is released.

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