Sony Ps4 Rebuild Database Why & How – 2018

Ps4 Rebuild Database

Sony Ps4 Rebuild Database – 2018

Rebuilding database in sony ps4 console is one of the most beneficial things that you can do. This option came in the PS4 consoles where you could do a lot of things from the safe mode option and rebuilding database has to be one of the greatest options in the safe mode. This options can come handy many times but not only limited to faulty console database or if you know your ps4 database is corrupted. If you are good with PC you know the defrag options that the PC has well ” PS4 rebuild database “ is similar if not better than it. Its available in all the Ps4 consoles like in PS4 pro as “ps4 pro rebuild database”.  Is your PS4 database corrupted? You might wonder what does rebuild database do on ps4 or is your ps4 database is corrupted? Well, if yes then don’t worry we will tell you solutions to this and many other problems that rebuilding database in PS4 can solve. Some of you might not be aware of rebuild database ps4 meaning but let us give you a full guide on it.

Rebuild Database Ps4
Rebuild Database Ps4

First of all why to rebuild the Ps4 database?

  1. Better Console Performance: If your console lags during the game or your games take too much time to load then probably it might need some database tweak to make it run smoothly again.
  2. Poor Disc Performance: If your console suddenly doesn’t read the disk or your disc is becoming faulty then also you might wanna rebuild the ps4 database.
  3. Sudden Memory Failure: If your console is getting sudden errors during error or it is taking too much time to install a game then its also a sign.
  4. And much more: There are also many other good reasons to do this process like boosting: memory performance, in-game speed, graphics speed, lowering CPU usage etc.

How to do Ps4 Rebuild Database?

Well as highly efficient it is its converse on how complex it is to do a database rebuild of ps4. A common man with no previous expertise can rebuild ps4 database easily. You just have to follow these steps:

Ps4 Database Is Corrupted
Ps4 Database Is Corrupted
  1. Turn off your ps4 console.
  2. Hold down the power button until you hear 2 beeps from your console. It usually takes 7-15 seconds.
  3. Now you will in safe mode menu.
  4. Use your USB cable to join your controller to your Ps4 and now use it to control the menu.
  5. From that menu use, rebuild database option usually found as the fifth option. It is not necessary to do this only if your ps4 database is corrupted cause doing this process once or twice can be beneficial to your console.

Now your console will rebuild its database automatically. Just use the controller to skip some easy navigation screen. Usually, it takes from 15 minutes to some hours depending on the size and complexity of your console device.

Common Question on PS4 Database Rebuild

Ps4 Database Corrupted
Ps4 Database Corrupted

1. How do I put my PlayStation 4 in safe mode?

Just hold down power menu for like 10 seconds until you hear 2 beep sounds. Now you will enter in safe mode in Ps4. Remember you can only use a controller in this mode if it is connected to your console via USB cable.

2. Will rebuilding database Delete all my Games and DLC’s?

No rebuilding database won’t delete the games or DLC’s you have got in your console so feel free to use it.

3. How can I reset my ps4 without a controller?

I think you can reset your Ps4 with USB keyboard or remote play app.  Just know that reset your console and database is very different things.

4. Rebuild database ps4 meaning?

Well rebuild database ps4 meaning is simple as like it sounds. It just helps to organize your Ps4 in a systematic way to reduce error, lag and other bad things from your console.

5. What does rebuild database do on ps4?

Well as stated before the answer to the question what does rebuild database do on ps4 cannot be given in one line as there are many benefits known and unknown that a database rebuild can do.


So this is the common way to rebuild the database in ps4 if you have any other error just ask us in the comment we will solve it as soon as possible.




Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4 – 2018

Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4- 2018

Don’t you just hate when your Ps4 internet runs or shall I say crawls like a snail? Well me too while mostly it’s your connection speed may be the problem but sometimes you just are a prey of bad DNS configuration. While often it’s ISP or DNS provider work to configure your DNS services but still you should assign them manually for your console. Sometimes a badly assign DNS can decrease your internet download speed up to 10x and I have got my experience to back that up while sometimes DNS simply will have an error to Ps4 servers so it won’t let you connect to the online server. Either way, it is best to have  “Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4” so that nothing will come between you and your smooth gaming experience. You might want to have fastest DNS servers to achieve a better gaming experience.

What is DNS server?

Fastest DNS Servers 2017
Fastest DNS Servers 2017

Basically, a DNS server  Domain Name System is a server which contains the collection of  IP with their corresponding hostname or shall I say the domains. It helps to translate web addresses (like to their IP addresses (like DNS helps to establish a connection between human-readable address and computer readable address behind the network scene.

Fastest DNS servers 2018 For Ps4



Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
DNS Advantage
German Privacy Foundation e.V. Deutschland
OpenDNS Home
Comodo Secure DNS
privat Deutschland
Christoph Hochstätter USA
Norton ConnectSafe
Alternate DNS
FoeBuD e.V. Deutschland
Hurricane Electric
JSC Marketing USA

*Above are some of the free and fastest DNS servers you can find.

*Primary DNS are also called preferred DNS.

*Secondary DNS Are also called alternate DNS.

How to Use Fastest DNS Servers?

To use these DNS servers for your PS4 devices just follow these instructions:

fastest dns servers
Fastest DNS Servers
  • Go to settings and then network.
  • Now go to set up Internet Connection.
  • Use either Lan Cable or Wi-Fi and then choose custom.
  • Choose Ip Address as Automatic and DHCP Do not specify.
  • In DNS server settings use Manual and type in the preferred DNS in the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS bar e.g

If I want to use Google DNS than I will type in primary DNS and in Secondary DNS.

Why Use DNS Servers?

Well, there are many reasons you might want to use a new DNS server that is different than given by your ISP.

So, first of all, why use DNS servers? Below are the reasons, why using DNS server is a better idea :

  • Enhances security: You might not know but using a bad DNS can be dangerous. DNS servers can be like a firewall against redirects, viruses, spam tools etc.  So you might want to use a secure DNS to protect you from mis-identity, thief, and phishing attacks.
  • Increase Download Speed: As I said before having a good DNS that is near to your location and runs 24/7 can help for better communication between the server and the computer which directly leads to better Download speed. You might want to change to more suitable DNS near to your location if your ISP has assigned you very far located DNS.
  • Unblock Certain Websites: A websites and apps can be blocked to certain DNS.Some ISP assigns specific DNS so that some websites are blocked like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix etc. In order to unblock that you might want to use certain DNS for your device. Remember not all DNS unblocks websites but you can find many which do unblock websites.


Questions Related To DNS servers

1. What DNS server should I use for ps4?

You can use any one of the above DNS services for your Ps console. Just go to settings > Network  > Custom and follow the instructions.

2. How do I change the DNS on my ps4?

Just go to settings > Network  > Custom and follow the instructions. When you get to the DNS options type in primary and secondary DNS from above-listed DNS services.


3. How do I find my DNS server?

If the DNS is assigned by your ISP provider then you can contact your ISP or just enter your router IP address in the web bar and go to your router settings panel to see your DNS structure.

4. What is the best DNS server?

There isn’t a specific best DNS server but the above-listed ones are among the great ones that run 24/7. The best in terms of stability may be the google DNS because of its availability all around the world. Remember the best DNS server for PS4 may not be fastest DNS servers for ps4.

5. How do you find your preferred DNS server?

Usually, public DNS that are near you or Google DNS are good DNS servers you don’t know any good DNS provider.

 Above are some of the most common reasons only why we should use fastest DNS servers for ps4 also be sure that there are plenty more than this only. If you want Any help regarding other DNS issues like PS4 DNS error or tricks regarding PS4 DNS just follow this page about PS4 DNS.




PS4 Error CE-34878-0 Fix – 2018

 PS4 Error CE-34878-0 Fix – 2018

PS4 Error CE-34878-0 can be a pretty annoying error for most of the gamers as it won’t let us play the game at all. This error can happen from time to time when we try to open a game and is a heartbreaker for somebody who just had his hand on the deluxe edition of the games for 100$ and it won’t start at all. Ps4 ce- 34878-0 error is so common that it may happen in all of the games you try to run. You may also see it as error code like CE-36329-3 or you may get a notification like“An error has occurred in the following application (ce-34878-0)”Either way, the problems are the same. So we are going to give you ps4 ce-34878-0 fix to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Ps4 ce-34878-0 Ps4 Pro / Slim Error Detail:

So what really is PS4 Error CE-34878-0? And when does it occur? Well, ce 34878 0  Error is a very popular and annoying error that causes a games to crash all of a sudden. The message reads like “An error has occurred in the following application (ce-34878-0)”.

ce 34878 0 ps4 pro
CE-34878-0 Ps4 Pro

Above shows the error in the notification bar in the PS4. The worst part of the error is that it crashes without any primary error so you really don’t have time to save your games or backup the files. The cache file of the app doesn’t save and what I mean by that is if you are using youtube or Netflix in your PS4 then if you turn it back on after the app crashes it won’t playback from the last watched parts like it used too. Now you can see what will happens if you are trying to play your ranked games in call of duty, uncharted series, battlefield, GTA or even FIFA. The console won’t save any files so you have to start again.

Cause of the Error?

Well, the major cause of ps4 error ce-34878-0 might be system software as it happens in almost all of the games in ps4 while in some rare conditions the application itself is faulty. Although the problem may be different the solution to these problems are same.

Ps4 CE-34878-0 Fix

Well, there are different ways of solving this error but primarily there are 4 main solutions to these problems. Each of these requires basic skills to achieve so you don’t have to worry about hardcore ps4 skill. So make sure to try all of these solutions if you want Ps4 CE-34878-0 Fix in no time. Ps4 error ce-34878-0 can also be solved by these methods.


1. Restart the Console

While it seems like an easy fix and it is these types of error may occur when your ps4 is taking too much of load and a simple restart will help it to clear its memory and run application smoothly.

2. Install the game latest update

No matter which game you are playing if it is not up to date with the software then it will have a hard time running in the console. So make sure to update the games to its latest version so that the bugs, glitches etc that the game have will be fixed. You may get the update notification if you are online most of the time but if you haven’t then go to the ps4 screen and then choose the game you want to update. Press the options button then click the selection check for update then it will give you the update file if it has any.

3. Reinstall the original HDD

If you have upgraded your hard drive (HDD”) in your console than its time to change it back to the originals as according to sony it may be the reason that you are getting in ps and ps4 pro.

4. Install the latest System Software

These types of error mainly occur when your ps4 isn’t up to date with its system software. If you have the latest system software then try changing it back to the first system software as the fault may be with the latest system software. To go back to default system software we must do the following steps:

  • You can download the latest system software from PS4 official website just follow this link. Make sure to download the second one that is around 955mb in size.
  • Go to settings > Initialization >  Initialize PS4.
  • Follow the steps given on the screen to finish the install.
ps4 ce-34878-0 fix
PS4 CE-34878-0 Fix

Note: Make sure you backup your all the data as doing this will erase all your saved data. So I recommend you to save your data in PSN cloud if you have ps plus account.

5. Contact Playstation support

Well if nothing works than the worst part comes to contact ps4 support ho rarely who what we are talking about even though all the gamers have faced the same error. While they have got a page where you can see some methods to follow just follow this link to go to that page. But you rarely will get any help from them or the forums cause they never address the general issues.

Also See: How to Download Games Faster On PS4

While the technology is in arise but still there are many errors that we can’t still solve till date. If the above steps don’t work for you and you still get a CE-34878-0 error then feel free to comment below we will provide a specific solution according to your device or situation. For more PS4 helps visit our ps4 help page.









Ps4 DNS Error NW-31247-7 Fix – 2018

nw-31247-7 2017

Ps4 DNS Error NW-31247-7 Fix – 2018

One day you try to open your ps4 as like of regular day, and then suddenly you find out that you are connected to the internet yet you are disconnected from the ps4 server. You try to check what’s happening so you go to check your internet connection and bam it shows “A DNS Server cannot be found, Error NW-31247-7“. We can say that there is no specific nw 31247 7 ps4 fix as till date Sony hasn’t addressed this issue out publicly on why it happens but only have given us an error message saying : 

“A DNS Server cannot be used. The DNS Server did not respond within the time limit. If you selected [Manual] under [IP Address settings] or [DNS Settings] when you set the Internet connection for the PS 4, verify that Primary DNS and Secondary DNS are set correctly. Error code: (NW-31247-7)”

NW-31247-7 will make the user unable to play online multiplayer games like FIFA, call of duty, battlefield, fallout etc. You may also be unable to join the PlayStation now, PlayStation store, PlayStation Vita, and many other PlayStation features.

What’s the Cause?

NW-31247-7 is a common network problem (NW= Network) which occurs due to the misconfiguration of the server and the client in the network or due to server failure. When DNS server doesn’t respond with the PS4 in a certain amount of time then PS4 throws this error.

Ps4 DNS Error NW-31247-7
Ps4 DNS Error NW-31247-7

Solution to Ps4 DNS Error NW-31247-7 :

Although the problem is simple the solution may be a little hard to implement as there may be different reasons which are causing this error. Make sure to check them one by one to have a maximum chance of solving this.

1. Restart The Router

While it may hear way simpler but restarting the router may be the first thing you want to do in these cause as sometimes the router itself cannot giver a proper id to the PS4 device thus resulting in the error. A simple restart may fix the error but if complex we may have to take other actions.

2. Assigning DNS of PS4 Manually

To manually assign DNS to the ps4 just follow the steps below:

  • Go to play station  settings > network > set up internet connection > LAN cable / Wifi > custom.

(Now you can manually change the settings of the network. Just follow the instruction given on the PS4 screen).

  • Accept the options as you wish till you get DNS settings. Like custom >Ip Address (automatic) > DHCP hostname (Do not specify) > DNS settings
  • Now in the DNS settings use Manual option and put in (Google’s Public DNS server 1) as Primary DNS (Google’s Public DNS server 2) as Secondary DNS

primary dns server not responding
Primary DNS Server Not Responding

OR,                                                                                                                                                                     (Open DNS server 1) as Primary DNS (Open DNS server 2)  as Secondary DNS

ps4 cannot connect to wifi within time limit
PS4 cannot connect to wifi within time limit
  • Now follow till the end like DHCP hostname (Do not specify) > DNS settings (manually)> MTU server (Automatic) > Proxy Server (Do not use) and click on the internet connection to check everything is working correctly.


3. Setting the Router to use DHCP

A DHCP allows you to manage IP’s, DNS, default gateway etc on a network. Setting the Router in DHCP mode is the best option as it can assign the IP according to the device so that there is no conflict between the devices with the same Ip address. When DHCP is enabled it assign your device with unique static IP which only changes over few days/weeks or even months. If two devices are assigned to the same Ip than there will be conflict in the network and the PS4 server won’t be able to send the required data to the necessary client thus resulting in the NW-31247-7 error.  You can see the article on how to change the router to DHCP mode or static mode to use DHCP on your network.

how to enable dhcp on router
How to enable DHCP on Router

4. Calling your ISP

Well if you can’t change the DNS your self or still occurring with this error than the best solution will be to contact your ISP ASAP about this matter. They will either give you better DNS, open your ports for PS4 etc and may solve the problem but I have found that many of the ISP won’t solve this problem at all.


5. Resetting your ROUTER to default configuration (risky)

If none of the above works than resetting the router may be a risky but helpful solution. Before resetting your Router make sure that you know your default password of the wifi so that you can connect to the wifi after you have reset your router. For full instruction, prevention and solution on how to reset wifi router for most of the router devices widely used today.

6. Rebuild Ps4 Database In Safe Mode

DNS Error NW-31247-7 may also be solved by rebuilding the database in safe mode. It is a very safe process so you may do it without any damage or loss of your data. It helps to solve general bugs, clean up memory and other things that may be hampering the speed, memory or any other factors of the ps4. For a complete guide on how to Rebuild ps4 database follow the link ps4 rebuild database.

nw-31247-7 ps4 fix
NW-31247-7 ps4 fix

As it may be very hard to find the exact nw-31247-7 ps4 fix but we hope one day Sony will give us a clear solution to this problem and we will see no more of “A DNS Server cannot be found, Error NW-31247-7″. Till then we can only try to work out the best methods that have been working for many other users. If you find an error or more convenient fix to these problems feel free to comment below. Also, check out PS4 DNS page to find more tricks, helps etc related to DNS of your console.