How do I fix error code CE-36244-9 on ps4?

I was getting a lots of Headache yesterday while trying to play the COD Call of Duty game at my ps4 and getting the error CE-36244-9. I have tried a lots of method and fixed the error and if you are getting the same error CE-36244-9 then don’t worry i am going to help to …

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PlayStation VR Review – VR Headset that everyone can enjoy!

playstation vr headset review

Sony has joined the universe of virtual reality with PlayStation VR. The headset speaks to the least expensive of the “huge three” available and is the main alternative for reassure gamers inspired by the innovation as things stand. It’s essentially less expensive than both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.In any case, players will likewise …

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PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review 2020

playstation gold headset review

The all-new PS4 Gold Wireless Headset is designed to produce the best sound experience while playing a game. This headset is designed to deliver the best experience, comfort, and amazing performance in your ear that you’re surely going to love. PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset or simply PS4 Gold Wireless Headset is one of the best …

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fix error CE 34878 0 on ps4

Error CE 348780 ON PS4 While playing games on Playstation console, have you got any error message or code flashing in your display that moment is most annoying and disturbs all the gameplay. Some times Error CE 348780 ON PS4 occurs while playing games and due to this error code playing games closes unexpectedly. Error CE …

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ps4 error su-42481-9 fixed

ps4 error su- 42481-9

Ps4 software update 7.02 has started showing error su-42481-9  fixed 2020 This is the most common error on ps4 su-42481-9 and after the software update, many gamers of ps4 have complained about the error they are facing a lot about this error while updating their ps4 to the new firmware. Luckily our ps4dns team has …

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PS4 Nat Type Failed Solved

ps4 nat failed type error

PS4 Nat Type Failed Solved [2020] Are you frustrated while you are in the middle of any game and suddenly your internet connection drops off? It may make you scream and hammer your console when this sort of thing happens. Well, Failed Internet Connection may be due to several major factors in your Ps4 console …

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