PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

playstation gold headset review

The all-new PS4 Gold Wireless Headset is designed to produce the best sound experience while playing a game. This headset is designed to deliver the best experience, comfort, and amazing performance in your ear that you’re surely going to love. PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset or simply PS4 Gold Wireless Headset is one of the best headsets out there in the market. So we thought to give you an in-depth look at the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset review. If you are interested you can also check Sony Platinum Wireless Headset or a more luxurious Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset for professional gaming purposes.

The PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset is very affordable and comfortable. It is equipped with a virtual 7.1 surround sound option for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It has got a Hidden Microphone and is available in different versions like PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset jet black sony edition or PlayStation limited edition gold wireless headset or Playstation gold wireless headset glacier white. The microphone has noise cancellation which provides crystal voice recording and communication with teammates or players.

Completely designed for PlayStation this headset is freaking awesome with a beautiful design as well as high quality. As we know Sony never compromises on their product quality. Different from all other expensive headsets, you don’t have to have a good pair of ears to feel the difference.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

  • Improved Build Quality/Design
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Soft plush band
  • Good Battery Life

Less Isolation

Average Microphone

Surround only for PS4/PS3


playstation gold headset review

PS4 Gold Wireless Headset comes with a beautiful design with the minimal framework.Sony deserves a huge round of applause for this design. Employees on the PlayStation labs must have viewed the existing Sony wireless headsets and compared it to the PlayStation 4 only to feel that the headphones didn’t mimic the sleek design of their console. This might be a reason why Sony decided to go with a design overhaul with new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset.  Compared Side by side, the headphones and the PlayStation 4 seem very similar. They both have the same subtle lines and the curves are on the PS4 Gold Wireless Headset mimics the console.  It has to look next gen and it does that effortlessly. The placement of the headphone in PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset is, however, a questionable thing. The microphone is kind of hidden somewhere inside.  Sony has yet again directed it’s upward path with this new PS4 Gold Wireless Headset.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based On Design

Beautiful Design with subtle linesand curves.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based on Design

Beautiful design with the minimal framework

Talking about the design, PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset is apparent that Sony always has good accessory design too. You basically get a pouch to store all of the accessories. Also, they come in various size and designs like  PlayStation gold wireless stereo headset jet black sony edition or PlayStation limited edition gold wireless headset or Playstation gold wireless headset glacier white. It is a good looking pouch but the most important of the lot is the wireless adapter. You can use the headset with your laptop or your PC with the adapter which is a great news. You obviously get the 3.5mm jack that lets you utilize your smartphone or music player if you want to store a battery or if your device lacks wireless services like Bluetooth. In addition to this, the headset is rechargeable. The charge time for PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is pretty sweet too.The controls for PS4 Gold Wireless Headset are comfortably placed on the left earpiece. It also includes the power switch that also lets you switch between two audio profiles. This can be done by using the PlayStation Headset Companion app available on the PlayStation Store which is one of the pros of PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset.

The headset includes a volume up and down buttons, a mute button, an extra pair of buttons to balance between game audio and multiplayer chat. It also has a toggle button between to select the virtual surround sound and the old standard two-channel stereo.

The control options are same as seen before on the earlier PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, but the build quality and design are cleaner and attractive in this new iteration. The days of cheap-feeling sliders for volume and balance are gone now. They’ve been replaced by buttons molded into rubberized plastic which just feels aesthetically great.

A visible microphone coming out of the headphone is also finally missing here. The microphones are now built into the headphone itself which is awesome. Different from the earlier headset, the Gold peripheral also doesn’t have flex in it when you pull the two ends to place it on your noggin.

At the sides of the headset, you get customizable faceplates. They can be swapped out for others and it will definitely be sold down the line as an extra purchase. But, As of now, you’ll have to stick with the PlayStation buttons logo on the faceplates. However, people aren’t really crazy enough to wear this mammoth of a headset on the subway regardless of the faceplate, but you can’t eliminate the probable.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based On Comfort

Very Comfortable and nicely fits in head.

The fitting of the PS4 Gold Wireless Headset is very comfortable. It fits nicely on the head with large, leather-covered, ear-enveloping cans. Despite being next gen and excellent sound quality, it is still prone to some design flaws. It still has a primarily plastic feel, which comes off as being a  little cheap as compared to some other brands with extravagant headset options. Yet, the price to performance ratio here is hard to beat. For a $100, the headphone impressive,  and we consider it to be a nice bargain.


Let’s talk about the specifications of PS4 Gold Wireless Headset. Sony products haven’t always been about the specifications rather, it has always been about the performance so is the case with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset.  Sony always has the technology to beat the competition without the use of top of the line specifications. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo headsets don’t have the specs to match the Platinum Wireless unit but they are very good when it comes to sound reproduction. If your plan is to use this headset with your PlayStation 4 then neglect every other headset out there.  This headset is designed to give you a legitimate audio performance on the PlayStation 4.  But if you are one of those people who want to multi-task and play around with the tech, there are a few cautions. The use of 3.5mm jack is dependent on the batteries of the headset for that sweet surround sound in addition to sound signal processing. When the batteries die,  there’s a huge drop in quality of the headsets. The same applies to PC connection too.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based On Specifications

Name: PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset



CONTROLS: Volume, Mute



CONNECTIONS: USB 3 5mm, Wireless

Sound Quality

There are other richer headsets with broader, bigger sound, but for this price range, the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is great for every type of content consumption.

We heard very sweet sounds in games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The sound we heard was electric and it slammed hard. The sounds came out pretty clean in our testing. The Virtual 7.1 Surround sound really does live up to expectation.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based On Sound Quality

Average Sound with a premium fell however.

Don’t get us wrong though, you’re still likely to remember the fact that you’re wearing a headset. The complaint to be made about the Gold Headset is its lack of a general largeness of sound. The range of the sound that it provides is no match for some higher-end devices.  It still is an entry-level headset with a premium feel however, it’s the best at that price point. Apart from games, the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is also equally amazing for films. Films like Jumanji and Star wars the last Jedi on Blu-ray has an amazingly immersive sound even with a 5.1 signal.  If we go with a full virtual 7.1 sound on a Blu-ray film, the details you catch while listening is insurmountable.

You won’t find any controls on the headset itself for tweaking the signal. The bass sounds a bit thin when you use the factory settings. The control of the signal can do by downloading the free PlayStation Headset Companion app, which lets you select from a lot of sounds presets like rock, jazz, blues, pop etc or you can just freely tweak the bass and the treble through the equalization to your preference.

But this is done from via a separate app on the console so, you can’t hear your setting on the fly as you’ll have to make a blind guess with the sound levels and then hit and trial back and forth to find the type of sound you prefer. It can be very irritating when you’re watching a Blu-ray film.  You will need to exit the playback of the content you’re watching just to use the app and tweak a small setting. The audio presets exclusively for certain Games are also set to debut soon but none are these available as of now on the PlayStation 4.  We also have no clue if third-party games will offer this feature.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based on Sound Quality

Strong Clear But More Work Can Be Done on Virtual 7.1 Surround sound

 However, sound from the Gold Headset is very strong and clear.It may not be on par with the range of a $200-300 headset, yet, it’s a rather big leap from the television speakers.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The connectivity of the Ps4 Gold Wireless Headset is a real plus point. It is compatible with almost anything. Connecting the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset to your console and getting it running is a walk in the park. A small USB adaptor is included. This plugs into the front of your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. Powering on the headset on PlayStationt4  takes you to a screen prompt where assignment the headphone to a user can be performed.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based on Connectivity

Widely Compatible And Easy to Setup.

As it is a wireless device, the PS4 Gold Headset is very compatible with a PC and/or a Mac via the USB adapter and certain tweaks in each of the Operating Systems. There’s also a PlayStation Vita compatibility, but that can be achieved by plugging the headphone jack included into both the headset and the handheld. In addition to this, the Gold Headset can work as a standard wired headphone. It is compatible with an MP3 player, a phone, or really any other device. Mind you, You will not be getting that virtual surround sound through a headphone jack but still, the two-channel stereo playback is also surprisingly a good listen.

The battery life in this thing is also very good. Sony has promised 8 hours of battery life from a single charge. Charging the device is done via its micro USB port, which you can link to the front of your PlayStation console when you’re not using it. Sony’s estimated battery life is apparently true. This allows for a few meaty gaming and film-viewing sessions before a charge is needed. But you do need to avoid battery drains which can be problematic on the overall battery life.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review Based on Battery Life

8 hours of battery life from a single charge.

Gamers who game on different platforms don’t want to own more than one headsets. For that, this headphone can be considered because of its compatibility. But for longtime runs, gamers can also choose other headphones too. Sony’s headset is primarily targeted towards the PlayStation fans. There surely is a great number of players on the PlayStation but that approach by Sony to make their product kind of exclusive might just decrease their market share which really is a letdown if we consider all the benefits it can provide.

Benefits and Letdowns


  • Next generation design, a very futuristic look. It can be worn outside and be looked at as a style statement.
  • It’s a PlayStation 4’s necessary partner. Something every PlayStation should have. Its amazing features are exclusive to PS4. When you connect the Gold wireless stereo headset to a PlayStation, you get exclusive presets specific to each game which is a crazy thing to have.
  • The USB wireless adapter and 3.5mm connector make the PlayStation Gold wireless compatible with an almost any device whether it be wired or wireless.
  • The headphones can still be used without the battery via the 3.5 mm jack, the tradeoff being the surround sound which is exclusive.
  • Microphone quality is very clear even though it can not be viewed. It is a good thing as you won’t need to remove the microphone it if you aren’t using it anymore.


  • Build material is one thing where Sony has let us down.  Using plastics everywhere is very disappointing. Plastic makes a product feel cheap and Sony products need to feel premium
  • The hidden microphone is not up to par, the background noise is too much and is likely to ruin gameplay for some people.
  • The battery life on the headphones is only around 7 hours.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset manual


After seeing everything about PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review all we can say is that Audiophiles who only opt for top gear and are willing to spend for it can actually find better options on a higher price, with better compatibility across various consoles. But for people on a PlayStation console looking for good quality sound, PS4 Gold Stereo Wireless Headset is a very strong pick. This PS4 headset works in a very similar fashion to Sony’s earlier headset on PlayStation 3. The new streamlined build is very neat. The new design format focuses on a comfortable design. The cups can be folded which make it easier to store and portable to take with you. It also ships with a headphone cable for use with PlayStation Vita and other audio devices.

Priced at $100, The bargain you get is worth it. The pricing is not too much and what you get is a finely designed product delivering quality virtual surround sound, a built-in mic, and additional compatibility options. That’s a pretty excellent bang for the buck for a PlayStation gamer.

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