PS4 Corrupted Data – Fix

A couple of months ago, I was there at my home, with recently bought fresh, new copy of a game for my PS4. Then, I unwrapped the cover of the game and inserted the installation disc into my PlayStation console and left it for a few minutes. I went to drink a glass of water and when I was back, I heard a couple of beeps while the PS4 switched off immediately.

After facing the immediate switch off, I turned the console back ON and I found out an icon of a broken file that

ps4 corrupted data fix
ps4 corrupted data fix

said “corrupted data” on it. As soon as I saw the icon, I highlighted it and pressed the ‘Options’ button. But, it gave me no other option rather than ejecting the disc. I tried restarting my console, but it didn’t resolve the issue yet.


Perhaps the game was recognized by the console at some specific point of time since its update was getting downloaded too. I was wondering whether the disc was physically damaged or not. So, I just went back to the game store for a replacement disc and asked for another disc. They provided me a new disc and I went home and tried installing it. But, I got the exact same error again.

First, I thought the installation of the game was interrupted and later it became corrupted. I had nothing to do to solve this rather than deleting the files and starting again. There was no way to browse the files installed on the console. While installing the game, there was nothing I could possibly do. But, when the game installation finished, I could delete it and you can do the same.

I looked at the error logs and it showed me a code that said “CE-34875-7“. It means it was a CE-34875-7 PS4 Error. We all know that Sony doesn’t provide any detail on what these random numbers mean, but they are the master at displaying such cryptic error numbers for PS4 problems. If you do a simple Google search, you won’t be getting any details from the official Sony website or their Support sites. You can only see people discussing the problems in Sony’s forums.

I tried searching a lot on Google and I finally found a solution to resolve this issue. For that, the database needs to be rebuilt. So, let’s find out how you can actually rebuild the database.

PS4 Corrupted Data - Fix

Fix the PS4 ‘corrupted data’ Error

At first, you need to be sure that you have taken you need to turn off the PS4 console completely. Putting the console in Rest Mode isn’t going to help you fix the problem.

When the PS4 turns off completely, you’ve to hold the power button and release it when you hear a couple of beeps. You will hear one of the beeps when you press the power button and the next about seven seconds later. Doing this will boot your console into the “Safe Mode“.

After the PS4 boots into the Safe Mode, you need to connect a DualShock 4 controller with a USB cable and then you need to press the PS button on the controller. If your PS4 doesn’t recognize the DualShock 4 controller, you might have attached a ‘power-only’ USB cable into it. In that case, you need to use the USB cable that came along with the controller.

PS4 Corrupted Data - Fix

After you have done all these, you need to select the “Rebuild Database” option. It might warn you that it could take hours to rebuild, but it took less than a minute for me.

When your console reboots, you can use the controller with your PS4 wirelessly just as you usually do. You need to remove the disc first before rebuilding the database so that the PS4 won’t be able to try and do anything with the disc.

After rebuilding the database, you can just put the disc back in and the standard game icon and options would appear. That means the game has been installed without any issues.

Final Words On Corrupted Data Fix On Ps4

This kind of problem might appear if you have installed bonus extras in your console before installing the game itself. It is worth noting that there are similar issues where the problem appears during the game installation process itself. In that case, there is no issue with your console. But, instead, it is a problem for the game you are installing.

If you had faced this error before, you can share your experience in the comments below and if you are still unable to resolve the issue, you can write about your problems in detail. We will try to cover up your issue as soon as possible.

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  1. I had a ps4 8 months old bo4 worked great one day and the next all I got was corrupt data codes and it shut down my ps4. Playstation asked me to send in my system so I did and went out and bought a new ps4. Downloaded bo4 and installed it. First match I am in screen freezes and error codes pop up over and over on a new PS4. What is going on! I have tried to rebuild I have deleted and downloaded again. Nothing is working at all.

  2. I’m having the same issue with gtav.. cant get pass the first mission without a corrupted data icon comin on

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