ps4 DNS error nw-31246-6 fixed

ps4 error nw 312646-6 fixed

note: This error is occoured due to invalid DNS settings

ps4 error nw 312646-6 fixed

Error nw-31246-6 is another ps4 network error that appears on the ps4 if your DNS configuration is not done on the right way.

This Error nw-31246-6 appears on the screen when DNS settings are not valid so make sure to solve the ps4 DNS issue to fix the error nw-31246-6 to play the game on your console.

We are sharing all the possible options that might cause the error nw-31246-6 and now today we are going to solve the error with every possible solution.

Manually change DNS settings to fix the error nw-31246-6

Another ps4 dns error:

ps4 dns error nw-31253-4 fixed

What you have to keep in mind is you have to provide the correct DNS to work correctly otherwise you will get error nw-31246-6.

Steps to fix the error NW-31246-6

  • Step 1 : go to the Settings on the PS4 and click on that option
ps4 dns network

Now click on the Network option just above the sound and screen click on that.

ps4 wifi lan network setup step 2

Now You have to choose the network connection option that you are using i recommend you use LAN for a better internet connection on the ps4.

Click on the WIFI option if you are connected from WIFI

Click on the LAN option if you are connected through the Cable

Now you have to choose IP address as Automatic.

Click on the Automatic MTU settings

Now we have to add manually the DNS server address there are primary DNS option and Secondary DNS

Primary dns and secondary DNS settings

There are the lots of Free and paid DNS if you want to use Free DNS then we have a large number of Free DNS available we are going to provide some Free List of the DNS server list which can be used by you.

List of DNS server for Ps4

DNS ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Comodo SecureDNS8.
Level 3209.244.0.3209.244.0.4
Uncensored DNS91.239.100.10089.233.43.71
ps4 dns server list

Now use any above DNS on your ps4 and save the settings after this test your internet connection.

If your connection and setup are successful then you will see like above. Now try to run any application or games and check if the error is still or kicked out and finally this will fix the error on ps4 nw-31246-6.

If your problem is still not fixed then we have last but not the least weapon to fix the error nw-31246-6.

If you are still confused then read this article in details about the DNS and its configuration

Hard Reset router to fix the error nw-31246-6

ps4 gaming router

Sometimes Due to the Changes in the Router configuration error code nw-31626-6 appears on the PS4 screen there are only the two chances for the error code 31626-6 that is Mis-configuration on the ps4 dns or the router.

The easy way to fix the router issue is to Hard reset the router.

How to hard reset the router to fix the error nw-31626-6

  • Turn on the router and wait for 1 – 2 minutes for complete start of the router don’t make hurry
  • There will be small button for the hard reset click on that button for 20- 30 seconds.
  • Now your router will be off and on automatic and your router will be hard reset into default as it comes from the company.
  • Now configure your router from the start.
  • login to router and configure ssid password and connect to ps4.
  • Now check if the error will be fixed on 99% cases this error solves

In this way we completely solve the error NW-31246-6.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the error NW 31246 6?

To fix this error We have to change the DNS settings and Reset the router if needed. I recommend you to use the Google DNS for fast connection.

why error code nw 31246-6 appear

Sometimes due to the reconfiguration or inputting the wrong DNS throws the error code nw-31246-6 so be sure to input correct dns

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