Ps4 Http status code 404 ps4 Fix

Ps4 Http status code 404 ps4 Fix

Getting such an error code may surprise you with 404 not found when you search and visit any site through Ps4 but not only in ps4 in any device which is compatible to surf the internet. You will get HTTP status code 404 ps4 while downloading the game. Most of the users will constantly try to download the game but nothing will happen due to HTTP status code 404 ps4 error. It seems when you try to download a big size game which is up to 3 GB or more HTTP status code 404 ce-40852-9 ps4 tends to occur. Http status code 404 ps4 error is the most common problem that occurs when you have to update some apps or games.

What do you mean by https status code 404?

In the search-engine term word, “web crawlers” use to check the availability of the URL, if the URL is available then it will show the status code 404 else 404 not found. It is most common in the store of PS4 that whenever the developer changes the game’s distributor or game’s name. https status code 404 tends to occur. But it is related to the server, server connecting time is responsible in the most case. Some users might fix the error by restarting their system. If you fix HTTP status code 404 by restarting your ps4 then give us a BROFIST.

Why Ps4 https status code 404 ps4 occur?

https status code 404 in ps4
https status code 404 in ps4

It is the most asked question in our community section, either in a comment or in the mail. We receive many emails daily on the topic of how and why this error occurs. So we try to explain the root causes of the problem.

  1. Slow internet connectivity:

    Slow internet can interrupt the downloading status of the individual file. When we try to download games and apps on slow internet, the peers of the file might be disturbed while coming from server to the client.

  2. Low storage capacity:

    Availability of the storage plays a vital role in downloading the game. If your ps4’s storage has been full then simply delete or uninstall the unnecessary applications and gameplay’s record. Either delete your files like gameplay video, screenshots, logs, or Buy a new storage drive and install it.

  3. Country restriction:

    We have already provided the information about the restriction of the content in our earlier post make sure you should check them and bypass HTTP status code 404 code in ps4.

  4. System requirement:

    The requirement of the console not meet may bring the HTTP status code 404 while updating and downloading the game.

How to fix https status code 404 in ps4?

Ps4 Http status code 404 ps4 Fix

Make sure you will pay attention while performing these methods in ps4. Solving the problem might take some time to be fixed after following all these procedures. So, be patient and follow these steps (Simultaneously) optionally.

Stable internet connection:

Make sure you have stable internet connection in order to download the game without any disturbance or getting the HTTP status code 404.
a) Switch off your router and restart.
b) Connect your ps4 with wireless (Lan wire recommended).
c) Clean cache files and restart download, etc.

Use DNS or VPN:

Using DNS can be helpful while you are getting Http status code 404, the code might appear when there is corrupt domain name connected. To change DNS and choose VPN use this link.

Clear Browser Cache And History:

If you are getting 404 error in Ps4 browser then you can try to clear ps4 browser cache and history. You can go to settings>history>clear browser cache and data.

Download in Safe mode:

ps4 rebuild database
ps4 rebuild databasePs4 Http status code 404 ps4 Fix

Go to safe mode by following these steps.
a) Switch off the ps4 by pressing the power button, the power indicator will blink for a second before switching off.
b) Once the system goes off, press and hold until the second beep.
c) Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
After that got to downloads and start.

Network Settings:

Make sure your network settings meet with this setting in order to HTTP status code 404 ps4 fix.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “Network”.
  • Go to “Set Up Internet Connection”
  • Select Wifi/LAN depending on what you use to connect.
  • Select “Custom”.
  • IP Address Settings = Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name = Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings = Manual
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

Common Question And Answers On HTTP status code 404 ps4:

  1. What is HTTP status code 404 ps4 ce-40852-9 fix?

    HTTP status code 404 ps4 ce-40852-9 Often occurs due to deleted content or slow internet try to fix your wifi connection.


  2. What causes ps4 404 not found error?

    PS4 404 not found error Often occurs due to deleted content or slow internet try to fix your wifi connection.


    How to fix 404 error?

    Fix your internet connection or your wifi speed to fix 404 error in ps4.

You can add any DNS address in DNS. Here is the list of Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4 – 2019

Here you have it here are some of the ways you can solve 404 not found error in ps4. If you got any other solution to feel free to leave it down in the comment section. Till then happy gaming.

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