Ps4 Keeps Ejecting Disc Fixed (updated)

ps4 and ps5 disc ejecting error fixed

Have you lately been struck with some weird error that your ps4 keeps ejecting the disc somehow even though you never pressed the eject disc button? Well if you are also going through this headache that your ps4 ejecting disc then don’t worry we may have found a proper solution to this problem at last. Till now we have heard hundreds of complaints from Ps4 users where their ps4 disk keeps ejecting itself out of the console while playing a game. But now let’s solve this problem once and for all. We are going to tell you some ps4 disc eject fix that you might find useful while dealing with this error.

Ps4 Keeps Ejecting Disc Fix


  1. Turning off the console: Sometimes the old school method does work like simply turning off the console for 5 minutes and turning it back on and bam now your PS4 is running like brand new. Seems like stupidity but really many users have tried this technique and it said worked like charm so before trying anything else try this method for solving the error. Sometimes turning the Ps4 off and putting the Ps4 in an upside position also did wonders and solved ps4 ejecting disc problem.
  2. Remove the Rubber Footing: Again comes a bizarre ps4 disc eject fix where the rubber footing was the problem with the disc ejection issue. So right now according to some users if you remove the rubber footing under the eject button you can easily solve the ps4 keeps ejecting disc error in no time.
    ps4 keeps ejecting games
    ps4 keeps ejecting games
  3. Fault Ps4: Does your ps4 eject disc randomly? The disc ejecting issues in Ps4 can also be due to the fact that the Ps4 itself was a faulty one. There were cases where the Ps4 people bought had many errors but no solution and sony had to replace them. If you think that your Ps4 may be one of those consoles then try reaching out to Sony.
  4. Updating Firmware: As we said before if the software is the cause then updating the firmware to the latest version or falling back to the previous version may be the best solution while dealing with the error.
  5. Tightening the screw: As of the official solution, PS4 had said to be the master solution PS4 for ps4 keeps ejecting disc error. You can find a detailed guide from the PS4 official website here.

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So this is it if you still get this error after doing all the steps then your console might be faulty try repairing it from some expert repairer or send it back to the store for maintenance. If you want more PS4 helps try visiting this page for more awesome help.


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