PS4 won’t connect to WiFi Fix – 2018

You might be using your PS4 to surf the Internet every day. Sometimes there could have been problems, but you fixed those problems. One day you found out that your PS4 couldn’t connect to the WiFi suddenly. You couldn’t fix PS4 won’t connect to WiFi problem. You tried for many days to solve the problem and finally connect to the LAN to browse the Internet. But, still, your PS4 can’t connect to wifi. So, how would you fix the problem? If this has happened with you previously, you can share how you fixed it in the comments. And, if you are facing the problem PS4 cannot connect to wifi, or error PS4 cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit you have come to the right destination.


PS4 won't connect to WiFi

PS4 won’t connect to WiFi

Today, you will be able to fix the problem that your PS4 is facing. If you had tried initializing the system and still your PS4 can’t connect to wifi, then this method would work for you. I had a problem of not being connected to the WiFi in my PS4 for four days. I tried initializing the system. But, it didn’t work. Then, I finally came across a topic in a totally different forum than the PlayStation forums and found some instructions. I tried following those instructions and it worked. I could finally connect to the WiFi in my PS4 after four days. Today, I will share the methods I followed while trying to solve my problem and I am sure this would certainly help you in some way.

PS4 won’t connect to WiFi 2018 Fix

ps4 can't connect to wifi

ps4 can’t connect to wifi

  1. Solve Endless Proxy Loop

    This problem that I am going to share with you here is the CE-33986-9, which is also known as ‘endless proxy loop’. You can also check on how to use a proxy server or how to configure DNS for ps4. So what you have to do solve this endless proxy loop problem is to do FOllowing things.

    • First, Get over to the PS4 Menu XrossMediaBar (XMB).
    • After you are at the XMB, you need to scroll right to the Settings, then to Network and then you need to click on “Set Up Internet Connection”.
    • There you will have to select either WiFi or wired LAN cable. Since you had the problem while connecting to your WiFi, you’d want to choose WiFi in this option.
    • After you select WiFi, you need to select ‘Custom’ and then you have to select the WiFi network.
    • You will see a field where you will have to enter the password of your WiFi network. If you are already using that WiFi on your PS4, the password would be automatically saved and you won’t have to enter it again.
    • After entering the password, you need to select ‘Automatic’ in the IP Address Settings.
    • You shouldn’t use the DHCP Host Name and you have to select ‘Manual’ in the DNS Settings that you see there.
    • In the DNS settings, you can enter the following servers in Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields:
      Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS:
    • After you set the DNS, you should click ‘Next’ and select ‘Automatic’ in the MTU Settings. You shouldn’t use any Proxy Servers there.
    • After you follow all these instructions, you are finally done. Now, you have one thing left to do.
    • You need to Test Internet Connection.
    • If it still didn’t work, you can try the following servers in the DNS Settings:
      Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS:
  2. Use a Lan Cable

    ps4 cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit

    ps4 cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit

    If you still cannot connect to the wifi and access your internet via wifi connection then the better alternative will be a LAN connection cable. A LAN cable is far more suitable and better alternative to a wifi as it will give you better internet connection and less lag while playing Ps4 games than a wifi connection. Also using ethernet cable can increase your download speed drastically so using a Lan cable can be a good substitute if your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi.

  3. Restart Your Ps4 And Router

    Sometimes restarting up the device or router can be the best way to solve PS4 won’t connect to WiFi error. So, if your PS4 can’t connect to wifi, first of all, make sure to restart the console and PS4 device and see what happens. Maybe it will solve PS4 can’t connect to wifi problem and your Ps4 will run happily after that.

  4. Contact Your ISP or PlayStation Support

    If nothing works then it may be your ISP that is the problem or your PS4 hardware that is causing PS4 won’t connect to WiFi error. So it will be a wise option to look at these steps too.

Common Question & Answers on PS4 can’t connect to WiFi

  • My Ps4 won’t connect to wifi 2018

    Go to Set Up Internet Connection. Use either Wi-Fi or a LAN (Ethernet) cable or to connect your PS4™ system to the Internet. Select (Settings) > [Network] > [Set Up Internet Connection], and then follow the on-screen instructions to configure network settings.

  • Can not connect to WIFI ps4

    Do as above to solve Can not connect to WIFI ps4 error.

  • How do I reset network settings on ps4?

    To restore system software to its default settings, select (Settings) > [Initialization] > [Restore Default Settings], and then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • My Ps4 won’t connect to wifi 2017

    Make sure your WIfi and router are on and also make sure your internet is running as well.

  • My Ps4 won’t connect to internet 2018

    Try using ethernet cable if your Ps4 won’t connect to the internet via wifi connection.

  • My Ps4 won’t connect to wifi within time limit

    Make sure you are not using a proxy server in Ps4 wifi settings. Else follow the above methods to solve this problem.

  • Ps4 won’t connect to wifi extender

    If your Ps4 won’t connect to wifi extender try using an ethernet cable as an alternative.

  • Ps4 wifi connection problems

    To solve PS4 wifi connection problems just follow above steps.

  • Ps4 won’t connect to optimum wifi

    Make sure your router is working. If it is ok then follow above method to solve ps4 won’t connect to optimum wifi error.

  • Ps4 not connecting to wifi after update

    Maybe the update file is corrupt try to go to back to previous system update or wait few days as Sony will bring a new update to fix the error.

  • PS4 cannot connect to wifi network within the time limit
    The reason can be due to proxy server you are using or simply that router cannot assign an IP or connect to your PS4. Try restarting the router or check for proxy settings and remove it if you have.

After you have done all these, you can try checking your Internet connection and see if the PS4 won’t connect to WiFi error is fixed or not. This method will certainly resolve the issue if you follow the instructions properly. If these instructions still didn’t resolve PS4 cannot connect to wifi issue, you can write your problems in detail in the comments and we will try to cover up your problem right back away. For more help and solution of ps4, you can look at this page.