ps4 youtube error np 37602 8 fix

Getting the same error again and again. While connecting your PS4 with YouTube, there is an error shows on the screen. PS4 YouTube Error np 37602 8 occurs when you try to log in your YouTube account via the PlayStation 4. Can we fix it?

It seems when you try to log in to your account using the YouTube app, error np 37602 8 occurs. Most of the PlayStation users are reporting this error because first, YouTube itself says to sign out. The error np 37602 8 cause when signing again.

Youtube Error np 37602 8 on PS4

The error triggers when you are using the YouTube app on your PlayStation 4. Unexpectedly, the YouTube app freezes for half of the second, and error message popups saying “You were sign out, you need to sign in again”. But while trying to sign in, An error has occurred. (NP-37602-8) the message gets delivered in PlayStation.

An error has occurred. (NP-37602-8)
An error has occurred. (NP-37602-8)

Causes of Error NP 37602-8 on PS4

According to Sony and YouTube, there is no official statement on the recurring of NP 37602-8. Sometimes the error might be caused by the YouTube app when it doesn’t find your account. We are not confirmed which issue is causing NP 37603-8.

The problem is with the PlayStation and YouTube database or the API. Hence, many users are having trouble with NP 37602-8. There are only a few users who haven’t got an error NP 37602-8 yet. We are not sure but the corrupted data of the youtube app might be the issue for NP 37602-8. Because in some users NP 37602-8 fixes by just clearing app data.

How to Fix YouTube Error NP-37602-8 on PS4?

Unfortunately, there is no current solution to this problem. Sony and YouTube both are working on the remedy of the problem. Once the fixation instructions get officially released, we will inform you of the brief explanation. We don’t know why Sony and YouTube ain’t fixed NP 37603-8 still but the latest PlayStation is still rolling to released.

However, there are some tricks that work frequently. That is not the proper solution. Likewise, we early mentioned clearing the YouTube app data. You can try sometime its works and there is no guarantee it will work. Another method is to use a DNS filter on your console. You can change DNS and Choose the fastest DNS for PS4.

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