Ps5 update error CE-107938-8 (update won’t download) (fixed)

How to solve Error Code CE-107938-8?

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Today we will fix out the error code CE-107938-8 this error code give you headache when you are going to update your application.

This error code appears when you try to update your game application this error code CE-107938-8.

Today i was going to update my cold war Game then start getting this Error code today i got two errors and i was full of headache.

download error CE-106667-7 this error code also appears when you try to download and install the Game.

These types of Error code usually appears due to bad internet and slow connection make your ps5 internet faster with the fastest DNS servers.

If you want to solve this error code today CE-107938-8 then we have some solutions for that error code we are going to share with you today.

Reddit posts about this error code fixing CE-107938-8

Reddit post on error code CE-107938-8

What is error code CE-107938-8?

This Error code usually occours when you are updating the app and mistakenly your ps5 gets turn off due to power cut or any other problems.

Make sure your ps5 will not get turned off while updating the apps for not getting this error code CE-107938-8.

How to solve Error Code CE-107938-8?

For solving this error code CE-107938-8 you have to completely delete the game and then re-install the Game I know this is very frustrating because you can’t just delete those 100 200Gb files and then again re-installing them.

This Error code has still now only this much solution for this error code CE-107938-8.

Conclusions for Error Code CE-107938-8

Till now according to the latest update this error code can be only fixed if you completely delete the game and re-install the game.

Video How to solve error code

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