PS5 Won’t Connect to WiFi Fix – 2022

We all know the Play Station 5 is a great console that offers us many features and benefits. But there are times when it can be problematic because of some issues like ps5 not connection to internet. While some problems may be easily fixed and don’t hamper your gaming experience but other problem like wireless connection error may kill the overall gaming experience.

Today we are going to focus on the later one of the problem i.e. WIFI not working on Ps5 or internet not working on ps5. Many people have found this to be an issue while playing games or using the console for other reasons as well. But worry not with our time and research we have possibly found a way to solve this PS5 Won’t Connect to WIFI error.

PS5 Won’t Connect to WIFI Fix

Below are few steps you can follow to fix Ps5 WIFI error occurring in your console.

  1. Update your PS5 firmware
    A New PS5 Firmware Update Is Available to Download Right Now - News7h
    ps5 firmware update

    The first thing that will help you fix this trouble with WIFI and connection issues might be updating your PlayStation firmware from time to time. Updating the firmware may seem an easy fix but can be a game changer while solving this problem.

    You may need an update for the latest games or content which are available in stores. It’s also possible that there was some recent patch rolled by SONY to fix the problem “PSN Service is Down” or “Ps5 WIFI Not working”. So, go ahead and try restarting or upgrading your PlayStation device.

  2. Check the connection between your router and the device you are using to connect to the internet

    LAN connector In PS5
    LAN connector In PS5


    There are times when the connection can be off or the walls in your house might just be blocking it from reaching a certain point. This may cause the internet to be disabled in the console system.

    If you have checked all of these, then there is one more thing to do and that will make sure if this issue was with PSN servers or not. Check whether the ps5 servers are up and running.

    To get them up and running again, sign out of PlayStation Network on your device. Then simply turn off the console by pressing power button on controller until it shuts down completely before turning back on again and do a quick network test and DNS settings check. This simple reboot should fix any remaining problems if they were software related as well.


  3. USE LAN Cable For Internet Connection

    How to Fix PS5 Wi-Fi Issues: A Troubleshooting Guide
    PS5 Wifi Not Working Fix


    To get internet on your ps5 working again , you might want to use LAN cable to set up internet connection on your Play Station 5 console. Connecting the PS5 console with your router using a LAN cable to get the best network connection for your PlayStation 5. It will also help to solve your network problem cause due to poor WIFI Signal strength or Poor DNS servers. To connect use the LAN on your console you might want to follow these steps in the network settings:

    • Step one: connect PS console with your PC or laptop via an ethernet cord.
    • Turn on Play Station device as well as modem or other network adapter too.
    • On PLAYSTATION CONSOLE go to Settings -> Network Connection -> Wired Connection Setup (or Wireless)-> Customize-> Select Ethernet Cable and select “Use Internet connection from another source”.
    • This might seem like a long process but in reality it can fix all PS5 problems related to internet connectivity! It is also something that people who


  4. Contact Sony PlayStation Support Team

    At last, you might need to contact Sony PlayStation Support Team which is available 24/365 i nothing above works for you. They can help with lots of PS-related issues and problems like Ps5 WIFI not connecting or PS store not opening. Secondly, they might provide some other detailed solutions for this problem too if it’s possible. If that doesn’t work out then all you can go to Sony repair shop to check for hardware issues.

    Support Team Number is : +18006587111 (from US) +441133214747 from


Having followed all the steps and your PS5 console is still not connecting to Wi-Fi? Then there may be a connection issue with your network or hardware issues with your console.

Common Question And Answer Related To Ps5 Not Connecting To WIFI Fix

You may need to reset your router or modem time and again in order to resolve the issue if the issues is in your network connection. If you have any other connectivity problems, you can check our other articles regarding that we wish you luck in resolving them!

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