How to find Hildegard’s Husband in For The King 2

In For the King 2, completing quests is crucial for earning rewards and progressing in the storyline. One such quest involves helping Hildegard find her husband during Chapter 1 – The Resistance. However, figuring out where Hildegard’s husband is located can be tricky. This guide simplifies the process.

To find Hildegard’s husband:

  1. Free the Prisoner:
    After freeing the prisoner from the cart in The Resistance, you can explore freely. Look for an overturned wagon in the Foothills area. If it’s hard to find, use Vision Scrolls or Find Distance items (available in shops or dropped by enemies).
  2. Investigate the Wagon:
    Once you locate the overturned wagon, send any party member to investigate. No battle is involved. You’ll receive information about the Bandit Camp’s exact location, where Hildegard’s husband is held captive.
  3. Free Hildegard’s Husband:
    Head to the Bandit Camp and free Hildegard’s husband to complete the quest.

That’s all you need to know about finding Hildegard’s husband in For the King 2. For more game guides, check out our other helpful resources.

FAQ: Finding Hildegard’s Husband in For the King 2

Q1: Where do I find Hildegard’s husband in For the King 2?
A1: Hildegard’s husband is located in the Foothills area, near an overturned wagon. Explore the region after freeing the prisoner in The Resistance chapter.

Q2: What items can help me locate the overturned wagon?
A2: Vision Scrolls or Find Distance items are useful. You can purchase them from town shops, find them as drops from enemies, or have certain characters, like the Scholar, carry them.

Q3: Is there a battle involved when investigating the overturned wagon?
A3: No, there is no battle when investigating the overturned wagon. You can send any party member to investigate without the need for your entire party.

Q4: How do I free Hildegard’s husband once I locate the Bandit Camp?
A4: Head to the Bandit Camp, and you’ll be able to free Hildegard’s husband, completing the quest.

Q5: Are there other useful guides for For the King 2?
A5: Yes, you can explore our collection of guides, including how to unlock Friar and Shepherd classes, solutions for the “Adventure Not Found” error, and understanding the purpose of the Hardwork Skill in For the King 2.

Q6: Can I use the same strategy for finding Hildegard’s husband in different chapters?
A6: The process outlined is specific to Chapter 1 – The Resistance. Other chapters may have different quests and locations.

Q7: Are there any prerequisites for this quest?
A7: The quest to find Hildegard’s husband becomes available after freeing the prisoner from the cart during The Resistance chapter.

Q8: Can I replay the quest to find Hildegard’s husband in For the King 2?
A8: Unfortunately, For the King 2 doesn’t have a replay feature for quests. Once completed, you progress to the next part of the story.

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