PS5 System Software Update 23.02- New Features is Amazing

Sony has recently rolled out an update for the PlayStation 5, introducing several improvements to enhance user experience. Let’s delve into the key features of the PS5 System Software Update 23.02-

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  1. Music in the Control Center:
  • The control center’s music section now boasts a more user-friendly design.
  • With a new two-column layout, browsing through categories, playlists, and songs has become more accessible.
  1. PlayStation VR2 Settings:
  • Broadcasting games with PlayStation VR2 is now more secure.
  • Users can prevent unintentional broadcasting of their surroundings by navigating to [Settings] > [Accessories] > [PlayStation VR2] and enabling [Block See-Through View on TV]. This ensures that the camera’s see-through image won’t be displayed on the TV while using the PS VR2.
  1. Voice Commands:
  • Users can now inquire about new PS5 features by saying “What’s new?” via Voice Command on any screen.
  • Please note that Voice Command (Preview) is currently available in English for players with accounts on PlayStation Network in the U.S. and UK.
  1. Improved Messages and Usability:
  • Various screens have undergone improvements in both messaging and usability, contributing to an overall smoother user interface.

This update, weighing in at 1.185GB, reflects Sony’s commitment to enhancing the PlayStation 5 experience. Unlike generic ‘stability’ updates, these detailed notes provide users with a clearer understanding of the improvements made to the system. Stay tuned for more updates to elevate your gaming experience on the PS5!

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