ps4 error su-42481-9 fixed

ps4 error su- 42481-9

Ps4 software update 7.02 has started showing error su-42481-9  fixed 2020

ps4 error su- 42481-9

This is the most common error on ps4 su-42481-9 and after the software update, many gamers of ps4 have complained about the error they are facing a lot about this error while updating their ps4 to the new firmware. Luckily our ps4dns team has done a lot of research and find out every possible solution for you.

How to fix the error su-42481-9

probably you have got this error while you are downloading the software and installing to your ps4 console and while you are doing this suddenly su-42481-9  this error appear at your screen and faster you search on google and landed here don’t worry you are at the right place.

Solutions to this error su-42481-9

Fix 1: Shutdown your ps4 completely and turn on

If you have not tried this try not at first to fix the error su-42481-9  this will reconfigure your ps4 data and your error may get fix on this very first step.

Shut down your ps4 pull out all the cables and after 5 10 minutes start your ps4 holding the power button for 30 sec after your ps4 get turned on check if the problem is fixed.

Fix2: Update your ps4 in safe mode to fix the error su-42481-9

Official Fix by play station

Reinstall PS4 system software using safe mode

  1. Completely Shut down your PS4 (hold the power button).
  2. Once the system light is off, start the PS4 system in Safe Mode by holding the power button until you hear a second beep.
  3. Select Safe Mode option 3 > [Update using internet].

If this process fails, you will need to update the PS4 system software using the guide below:

Ps4 Databse Rebuild 2020 fix

To Build the ps4 database we have an article on it read it to fix your ps4 error



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