Sony Ps4 Rebuild Database Why & How – 2018

Sony Ps4 Rebuild Database – 2018

Rebuilding database in sony ps4 console is one of the most beneficial things that you can do. This option came in the PS4 consoles where you could do a lot of things from the safe mode option and rebuilding database has to be one of the greatest options in the safe mode. This options can come handy many times but not only limited to faulty console database or if you know your ps4 database is corrupted. If you are good with PC you know the defrag options that the PC has well ” PS4 rebuild database “ is similar if not better than it. Its available in all the Ps4 consoles like in PS4 pro as “ps4 pro rebuild database”.  Is your PS4 database corrupted? You might wonder what does rebuild database do on ps4 or what does corrupted data mean on ps4 or what is rebuild database ps4 meaning or why is your ps4 database is corrupted? Well, if yes then don’t worry we will tell you solutions to this and many other problems that rebuilding database in PS4 can solve. Some of you might not be aware of rebuild database ps4 meaning or how to rebuild ps4 database but let us give you a full guide on it.

Rebuild Database Ps4

Rebuild Database Ps4

First of all why to rebuild the Ps4 database?

  1. Better Console Performance: If your console lags during the game or your games take too much time to load then probably it might need some database tweak to make it run smoothly again.
  2. Poor Disc Performance: If your console suddenly doesn’t read the disk or your disc is becoming faulty then also you might wanna rebuild the ps4 database.
  3. Sudden Memory Failure: If your console is getting sudden errors during error or it is taking too much time to install a game then its also a sign.
  4. And much more: There are also many other good reasons to do this process like boosting: memory performance, in-game speed, graphics speed, lowering CPU usage etc.

How to do Ps4 Rebuild Database?

Well as highly efficient it is its converse on how complex it is to do a database rebuild of ps4. A common man with no previous expertise can rebuild ps4 database easily. You just have to follow these steps:

how to rebuild ps4 database

how to rebuild ps4 database

  1. Turn off your ps4 console.
  2. Hold down the power button until you hear 2 beeps from your console. It usually takes 7-15 seconds.
  3. Now you will in safe mode menu.
  4. Use your USB cable to join your controller to your Ps4 and now use it to control the menu.
  5. From that menu use, rebuild database option usually found as the fifth option. It is not necessary to do this only if your ps4 database is corrupted cause doing this process once or twice can be beneficial to your console.

Now your console will rebuild its database automatically. Just use the controller to skip some easy navigation screen. Usually, it takes from 15 minutes to some hours depending on the size and complexity of your console device.

Common Question on PS4 Database Rebuild

Ps4 Database Corrupted

Ps4 Database Corrupted

1. How do I put my PlayStation 4 in safe mode?

Just hold down power menu for like 10 seconds until you hear 2 beep sounds. Now you will enter in safe mode in Ps4. Remember you can only use a controller in this mode if it is connected to your console via USB cable.

2. Will rebuilding database Delete all my Games and DLC’s?

No rebuilding database won’t delete the games or DLC’s you have got in your console so feel free to use it.

3. How can I reset my ps4 without a controller for solving PS4 Rebuild Database Error?

I think you can reset your Ps4 with USB keyboard or remote play app.  Just know that reset your console and database is very different things. And your ps4 rebuild database error will be solved in no ti

4. Rebuild database ps4 meaning And How to rebuild ps4 database?

Well rebuild database ps4 meaning is simple as like it sounds. It just helps to organize your Ps4 in a systematic way to reduce error, lag and other bad things from your console.

5. What does rebuild database do on ps4?

Well as stated in the answer to the question what does rebuild database do on ps4 cannot be given in one line as there are many benefits known and unknown that a database rebuild can do.


So this is the common way to rebuild the database in ps4 if you have any other related to how to rebuild ps4 database or any other  error just ask us in the comment we will solve it as soon as possible.




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