How To Change NAT Type PS4

You are playing an online game on ps4 with your friends an multiplayer game and suddenly you got disconnected. Sometimes you ping so high and this is so much frustrating on playing the game on ps4 that in the middle you got disconnected.  You checked your wifi your all network connection and its working fine then. You might wonder what is the problem behind all this and then you find out that you have got ps4 nat type failed issues and you wonder how to change nat type ps4 or what is nat type 3 ps4 fix. So, today we will show you How to change nat type on ps4 and how to fix nat type ps4 party.


What Is NAT?

According to whatismyipaddress “Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process where a network device, usually a firewall, assigns a public address to a computer (or group of computers) inside a private network.” It is used to limit the number of IP address used in a network.

Advantages Of NAT:

  1. NAT saves public IP addresses.
  2. Transparent to the client.
  3. Nat hides internal IP address.
  4. Consumes fewer computer resources.

Disadvantages of NAT:

  1. Nat provides minimum logging services.
  2. IP forwarding must be enabled before you can use NAT to make an internet connection.
  3. It can make some application difficult to run.
How To Change Nat Type On PS4

How To Change Nat Type On PS4

Ps4 NAT Types:

There are mainly 3 PS4 NAT Types they are:

NAT type 3 meaning (strict): Nat type 3 ps4 is Like complete firewall in the network. Not suitable for PlayStation games and chat. Downloads can be done but playing online games may lead to lag and unstable connection.

This is the worst ps4 nat type as it won’t let the player communicate in the party. You may want to look at Ps4 DNS Errors also and see if you are connected to PS4 server before checking NAT and we will be giving today nat type 3 ps4 fix.

NAT type 2 meaning (moderate): NAT type 2 ps4 is good for PS4 download and playing online games. It gives security to the other applications but doesn’t limit the network use of the ps4 application.

This is good ps4 nat type as the player will be able to play games and enjoy chat party easily.

NAT type 1 meaning (open): NAT type 1 ps4 is Best for PS4 but not good at the point of security. It is similar to having DMZ enable so all the ports are open and it may lead to a security threat to your network.

This ps4 nat type is best for gaming but not for router security purpose.


These issues address on your ps4 due to the  PS4 NAT typesetting ( Network addresses translation)   To fix this issue you have to change ps4 nat type.


In this article, I am going to tell you how to change nat type ps4 to work without any disturbance.


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How to Check NAT type on PS4


To check NAT type on PS4 follow these following steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now head to Network menu.
  3. Now click on the view connection status option.
  4. You will see the status of your NAT on the bottom of the screen.
How to change NAT type ps4

How to change NAT type ps4


How To Change Nat Type Ps4

So if you are having issues of NAT you can change it to the required setting. But the main problem is you cannot change the NAT type settings directly from your ps4. While changing the NAT type you have to modify some other settings on the router and these setting are very different according to the routers. Today we are going to use TP-link router as this one is used by most of the people.


Steps for Changing NAT type on PS4

So here is the deal breaker and the answer to the question how do I change my nat type on ps4? Follow these procedure step by step to change nat type on the PS4 device.

  • Open the browser on your pc.
  • Put the default IP address of the router to get access to router settings.
how to change nat type

how to change nat type

  • Enter the username and password of the router login. (“Usually the username and password both are set to admin by default”) else aks your ISP for username and password.
  • On your router, you have to find   On your router settings, enable UPnP*. 

    UPnP means universal plug and play. This is a protocol that will help devices to discover each other on the network.

    how to change your nat type on ps4

    how to change your nat type on ps4


  • Now On changing the NAt type here, we have the two choices.
  • Either putting it to the DMZ and another one is opening up forwarding ports.
  • I recommended you to choose the second method because the first one is not safe to use.

In this article, I will tell the methods which are safe so let’s go to the forwarding to open ports for PS4.

Forwarding ports to ps4

Here are the steps to port forward in PS4 for changing NAT type.

  1. Open your router settings.
  2. Find the setting named as forward router in most of the router it is also named as port forwarding.
  3. Now Add custom forwards ports.
  4. You need to open up the following ports in both directions TCP & UDP:
    • 80
    • 443
    • 465
    • 983
    • 3478-3480
    • 3658
    • 5223
    • 6000-7000
    • 9293
    • 10070-10080

      how to change nat type on mobile hotspot ps4

      how to change nat type on mobile hotspot ps4

  5. Now again check your PS4 Nat type and now it should show NAT type 2.
  6. Each game may need individual ports to be forwarded and we will make a list of those port in the future.

Common Questions Asked ON How to change Nat Type On PS4

  1. How to change nat type on ps4?

    Just follow the guidelines stated above and then you can change your PS4 nat type in no time.

  2. How to change nat type to open on ps4?

    To make NAT type open just enable DMZ on the router but this is not recommended as it may cause security risk in the network.

  3. How to change nat type on ps4 black ops 3?

    Each game needs certain ports to be opened in order to run them for black ops 3 the port is 1935.

  4. How to change NAT type on mobile Hotspot PS4?

    There are certain apps that may enable DMZ on the router but still, they are not verified. The good thing will be to open NAT type via PC.

  5. What NAT type is best for ps4?

    The best NAT type of PS4 is certainly NAT 1 but it is not recommended as per security reasons so the other best alternative is NAT 2 which allows all the port of PS4 to be open and running.

  6. How do I get an open NAT type?

    You can open the NAT type via enabling DMZ on your router option.

  7. How to fix nat type ps4 party issue?

    You might look at our article above on How to change Nat Type On PS4 and see how to get nat type 2 on ps4 or how to get nat type 1 on ps4 as these Nat will help to solve nat type issues.

  8. How to get ps4 nat type 2 on ps4?

    You can enable the port on the router to get ps4 nat type 2.

  9. How do I change my nat type to open?

    You can enable DMZ in your router to make Nat type to open on Ps4.

  10. How to open nat type ps4?

    The answer to how to open nat type ps4 is to open the DMZ mode in the router setting.

  11. How to fix strict nat type ps4?To fix strict nat type ps4 change your ps4 nat type to either open or moderate i.e either to nat type 1 ps4 or nat type 2 ps4.


Introduction to NAT type

NAT means an (Network addresses translation) This NAT  type will help in the translation of all the devices  IP into public IP addresses connected to your network.

There are Three types OF NAT on Ps4

PS4 NAT Type 1 OPEN:  Ps4 NAT type 1 is open NAt type. Here you are connected to the internet directly and in this method, there is a very low chance of disconnection. If you choose this NAT type than you can connect with all kinds of NAT type players but this method may create some security issues. If your connection is open then you might not want to look at this article on How to change Nat Type On PS4 as your problem may be different.

Ps4 NAT type 2 Moderate: In Ps4 NAT type 2 Type, your ps4 is connected to the router for the connection and in this NAT type slower connection than any other and you will have also the higher lag. The advantage of this method is you can connect to the most of the players in this moderate type of NAT connection. IF still, you face connection problem then you may see this article How to change Nat Type On PS4 on how to open certain ports for certain games.

Ps4 NAT type 3 Strict:  Ps4 NAT type 3 is the toughest part of NAT connection type because your ps4 connected to the internet with the router and chances of disconnection is very much high and you can connect to those users who have the open type connection. In this connection, most of the functions of your ps4 may not be able to work. How to change Nat Type On PS4 was designed to help people facing strict ps4 nat type as the connection to party and game in this nat type is very bad.

Here are some ways on How to change Nat Type Ps4. If you still have a question on how to change NAT type PS4 feel free to comment below. If you have other ps4 errors you might want to look at our Ps4 help page.