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Error CE-35694-7 PS4 – Not Enough Free Space In System Storage PS4

Have you been suddenly getting the error CE-35694-7 or not enough free space in system storage ps4 error or there is not enough free space in system storage to start the application ps4 error on your PS4 device. Ps4 error CE-35694-7 is a common type of error code that has been occurring to many game lovers from many years. It one of the most annoying errors as the only way to solve it is experimenting on the space of the drive. Trying to solve the CE-35694-7 can be costly as it happens mostly while trying to install heavy spaced games like FIFA 18, GTA v, call of duty, etc. Seriously you just bought a game for almost 100$ and you get these type of error and then you just want to smash that controller to the head. You might have seen many questions on how to solve CE-35694-7 error on many popular games like CE-35694-7 call of duty error, CE-35694-7 FIFA 18 error, CE-35694-7 GTA error but don’t worry all of these errors has got the same solution. So today we are going to show you Error CE-35694-7 PS4 error fix.

CE-35694-7 Error
CE-35694-7 Error

Error CE-35694-7 PS4 Fix

    1. Free Some Space:

      The main reason people get Ps4 error CE-35694-7 is due to the fact that there is no much space to install the game on your PS4 hard drive. The solution to this is simple just free some space from your console. You need twice the amount of room than the Game you are trying to install  + a bit extra as the PS4 don’t like to go under 50GB. If you download a game that is like 50 GB in size then its not the actual file size but a compressed version of it. The file will need to be decompressed and installed in order to run the program or game. Also, updates and patches take up additional spaces so PS4 itself protects certain GB of space for those updates and patches. So, even though if have 50gb free space on your hard drive a 50 GB game won’t run in it and you will get the Error CE-35694-7 in your PS4 console as there is Not Enough Free Space In System Storage.

    2. Restart Your Console:

      If you tried cleaning some space and still get this error try restarting your PS4 device as it will give your console some rest and new boost and will properly clear uncleared memory.

    3. Initialization Of Ps4:

      Some time Initialization of the ps4 can also help to fix PS4 Error ce-35694-7. For initialization Follow these steps:
      Go to Setting>Initialization>Initialize PS4> click on Full.

    4. Rebuild Your PS4 database:

      Another solution to this error can be because of a faulty database of your console. So in order to fix CE-35694-7 PS4 error, you might wanna take look on how to rebuild the database of your PS4. Here is a detailed article with a video on how to rebuild your PS4 database.

    5. Buy a new HDD: 

      If you don’t have to any free space then you might want to consider buying new hard disk for your console drive. We advise you to buy at least 1 TB hard drive if you are really into gaming and like to download tons of games.

CE-35694-7 playstation
Ps4 Error CE-35694-7 PlayStation

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Common Question ON Ps4 Error CE-35694-7

  1. What is CE-35694-7 PS4 error?
    CE-35694-7 PS4 error is a common type of error that occurs mostly due to the low disc space left in your console hard drive. If you try to install a game in a console drive that as low disc space then the required file size you will face this error.
  2. How can you fix CE-35694-7 PS4 error?
    The easiest way to fix CE-35694-7 PS4 error is by deleting some stuff from your PS4 or buying a new hard disk drive for your console system.
  3. In which games Ps4 Error CE-35694-7 is common?
    CE-35694-7 PS4 error occurs
     mainly in high spaced games as they need more disc size to install not only the game but also additional for patches and updates.

SO basically the main reason why you are facing this error is due to the fact that your console needs some more space. For more PS4 help try visiting our PS4 help page.

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