PS4 Firmware Update 11.00 Released, Here Are The Changes

PS4 Firmware Update 11.00 Released, Here Are The Changes

Sony has recently rolled out a modest firmware update, version 11.00, for the PS4, introducing subtle enhancements to the console. This system software update, aligning with the recent PS5 update, addresses minor improvements and bug fixes. Notably, users can now conveniently sign in to their PS4 via the PS App without the need for a password. The update also brings QR code scanning for sign-ins on mobile devices, mirroring the functionality introduced for the PS5. Authentication actions can now utilize push notifications on the PS App as well.

The changelog for PS4 Firmware Update 11.00 includes the following key features:

  1. Password-Free Sign-In:
  • Users can sign in to their PS4 consoles through the PS App without entering a password. QR code scanning on mobile devices facilitates a seamless sign-in process, akin to the functionality on the PS5.
  1. Emoji Reactions in Messages:
  • Emoji reactions to messages are now visible, adding a touch of expressiveness to communication on the platform.
  1. Message and Usability Improvements:
  • General improvements have been made to messages and usability on select screens, refining the overall user experience.

As the PS4 takes a back seat with the advent of the PS5, updates and feature additions have become less frequent. However, minor upgrades like firmware version 11.00 persist, addressing potential exploits and extending compatibility support for Sony’s released apps.

This firmware update coincides with the release of the new PS5 update, which introduces features such as Dolby Atmos support and more. Staying current with the latest firmware is advisable, ensuring seamless connectivity to PSN and support for online multiplayer.

If you’ve applied this recent firmware update and observed any peculiar changes, feel free to share your insights in the comments section below. Keeping your gaming console up-to-date ensures you make the most of the latest features and optimizations provided by Sony.

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