Are you getting PS5 Error Code CE-107649-7? (Fixed)

ERROR CE-107649-7?

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You got this Error on ps5 dont worry we have got the Solution for you. Today we are not going to talk a lots of things making blog so messy we are just going to give you the perfect solutions that’s it.

Why you are getting this Error CE-107649-7?

If you are going to play the Game using the Disc then this Error appears if your game data is different from the Disc data then this error popups out.

Sony is also known about this issue and they have also given out this easy solution.

sometime you also get this Error code due to the bug of the older version of the firmware on the latest version of the PS5 firmware its fixed so try to update ps5 into latest ps5 firmware.

If your ps5 has a slow internet connection then try changing the DNS on PS5 for the fastest internet connection on your ps5.

Actually, you get the Error on your ps5 due to the Dust, dirt, the system crashed, sudden turn-off or power cut, crash and damage your ps5 and start showing errors like CE-10720-5, CE-106667-6, CE-100002-3, CE-10005-6

How to Fix Error code CE-107649-7 ?

Step 1: Delete and Re-install the Game on ps5

If you are getting this error code CE-107649-7 after inserting the disc then i recommenced you to completely re-install the game from the disc because your installed game data is not matching with the disc data.

Step 2: Update the Latest firmware of the ps5

IF your ps5 is not upto date then try to update your ps5 into the latest firmware for the updated bug fixes .

official fix from playstation


The inserted disc contains content that is different from the installed data.

If this error occurs, the disc that you have inserted might contain additional data such as DLC, or content that is different from the data installed on your console.

If you have another disc for the same game, delete the game and related applications, and reinstall using this disc.

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