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PS4 Error Code SU-30625-6  Fix it Now

Nowadays many users are complaining that they are getting the error  SU-30625-6 on ps4 and now here we are to help you to solve this error with every possible solution some solutions might now work for you so try to solve all these solutions methods one method might help you. This error gets when you try to update your ps4 firmware to 7.00.  This error occurs when you update your ps4 and it is in the processing of updating the latest firmware.

Let’s jump to the solution now to fix the error SU-30625-6 on ps4 and fix now.

This error SU-30625-6 will not let you update your ps4 firmware. This error occurs mainly when you try to update ps4 from USB and it says the file is corrupted

The solution to fix error code SU-30625-5 on ps4

You are having a problem with updating your ps4 with the latest firmware update and these some fixes will work for you as I have got some Reddit ps4 users have solved these errors of SU-30625-5 with these solutions.

Solutions of error SU-30625-5

ps4 error SU-30625-6 fix

  1. Updating your ps4 in safe using internet
  2. renaming the file name of ps4 update firmware.
  3. Rebuilding the ps4 database

 Error code SU-30625-5 on ps4

  1. Completely shut down your ps4 pressing the power button after doing shut down your ps4.
  2. After your ps4 is completely off then restart your ps4 using the Safe mode don’t forget to restart in safe mode.
  3. Click on Safe mode and update your ps4 using the internet on ps4 to solve error SU-30625-5.
  4. If your ps4 is updated in safe mode it’s ok if not let’s try the second method to solve error SU-30625-5.

The second method to solve error SU-30625-5

Some times due to the file get misnamed  PS4UPDATE(1)”.  so try to rename your ps4 update file PS4UPDATE(1)”. to PS4UPDATE” retrieve and initialize then your error code SU-30625-5 will solve but I hope the above solution has already worked for you.

I Request everyone to Update their ps4 firmware to update from safe mode using the internet this error mainly occurs when we try to update our ps4 from USB.

If this has solved your problem please share your experience in comment section i will be glad if this helps you if you want to read Reddit threads then also read it here

Rebuild the ps4 database to solve error SU-30625-5

Read the full article on rebuilding the ps4 database 

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